‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ review: Best legendary showdown

Dragonball Super: Broly shines in colorful, action-packed animation with an overall fun theatrical experience.

A planet destroyed, a powerful race reduced to nothing. After the devastation of Planet Vegeta, three Saiyans were scattered among the stars, destined for different fates. While two found a home on Earth, the third is raised with a burning desire for vengeance and develops an unbelievable power. And the time for revenge has come. Destinies collide in a battle that will shake the universe to its very core! Goku is back to training hard so he can face the most powerful foes the universes have to offer, and Vegeta is keeping up right beside him. But when they suddenly find themselves against an unknown Saiyan, they discover a terrible, destructive force.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly gives an updated storyline into the familiar super saiyan heroes. Despite Akira Toriyama being out with the series decades ago, the series still carries on, and this particular addition feels like the start of something new. Toei Animation is letting fans know that there is more story to tell with Goku and his friends. The film is the best to hit to date—from its new look to its colorful animation that is astounding visually. It tells a simple story that follows Goku and Vegeta, after the Tournament of Power, as they find themselves pitted against an unfamiliar foe when a long-lost Saiyan named Broly is located by Freeza. This new story arc opens to some interesting developments and has set up Broly to be something interesting and new as compared to his original counterpart—one that fans of the series will clearly adore.

A well-timed flashback supports everything the film would offer. Although some would despise flashbacks, the film wields a story to tell so skillful like the characters. The history of the Saiyan race comes into play at the film’s start as it visits Planet Vegeta during its most tumultuous time. Not only does the ambitious time slip retcon details about Saiyan society, it also sets up a clear origin for guys like Broly and Goku. While some of the expositions feel rushed and the narrative onboarding is pretty sketchy, Dragon Ball Super: Broly makes up for its overall visuals.

The film is extraordinary for longtime fans. Helmed by director Tatsuya Nagamine, this latest Dragon Ball Super is canon. There is just enough explosion of action, humor, and amazing fight scenes that would bring nostalgia to the whole Dragon Ball series. Art director Naohiro Shintani brought in a truly all-star crew of artists to animate this film while revitalizing the anime’s aesthetic and giving a new shine to every frame. Dragon Ball Super: Broly builds upon favorite animation quirks from previous titles. Each piece of Dragon Ball Super is given a makeover, and each fight sequence feels like a climatic one. It broadens the lore of the series and made everything bigger, grander, and more involved in scope. It could also be the best animated film Dragon Ball has as of yet. It’s the kind of movie best seen in a theater setup. Truly a must-watch for fans!

4.5 out of 5 stars

Directed by Tatsuya Nagamine Voice by Masako Nozawa, Aya Hisakawa, Ryô Horikawa, Toshio Furukawa, Ryûsei Nakao, Vic Mignogna, and Sonny Strait. Runtime: 115 minutes

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