Ha Jung-woo tries to stop new world war in action film ‘Take Point’

Korean superstar Ha Jung-Woo (Along With the Gods franchise) brings a different kind of action in “Take Point.”

The movie is set in the year 2024, on the day of the US Presidential election. Ahab (Ha Jung-Woo) and his team of elite mercenaries were ordered by the CIA to take on the secret mission of abducting a high-profile North Korean official. Ahab’s team sneaks in an underground bunker below the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and suddenly gets caught in a crossfire between China and the US. Ahab and his team have to deal with abandonment, betrayal and at the same time have to stop tensions from escalating that could likely start a third World War.

Koreans Ha Jung-Woo and Lee Sun-Kyun are joined by American actors Jennifer Ehle, Malik Yoba and Kevin Durand (CSI & Lost TV series). Take Point is directed by Kim Byung-Woo, the director of the 2013 award-winning movie, The Terror Live. With Kim Byung-Woo’s directing, “Take Point” has combined a clever plot of action and political power games.

Catch all the action in “Take Point” when it hits cinemas on March 20. Brought to you by VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment.

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