Regine Velasquez returns to the big screen via C1 Originals filmfest

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid finally marks her big screen comeback as she stars in “Yours Truly, Shirley,” an official entry to the highly anticipated 2019 Cinema One Originals film festival.

The Nigel Santos-directed comedy picture—one of the eight C1 Originals competition films this year—features the beloved songstress as a widow who believes a young popstar (Rayt Carreon) is the reincarnation of her deceased husband.

Regine shared that she found it interesting how the film touches upon a sensitive topic by looking at it through a much brighter light. “If you break it down, the story is really sad because she hasn’t gotten over the death of her husband, but this is the other side, the funny side. Because how do you deal with mourning, right? Especially if you’ve been with the person your entire life,” she said.

Her big screen comeback through “Yours Truly, Shirley” is definitely one for the books as it coincides with the 15th year edition of C1 Originals.

She admits though that she found it challenging to get her footing back into acting especially since it’s been seven years since she played the lead role in a movie. “Whenever I have a new film I’m always second-guessing myself. Acting is not my comfort zone, it’s really an effort for me so when I take on a new film, I really have to think about it. But I’m glad I did this, I enjoyed shooting and the whole process,” she explained.

Aside from the Songbird-starrer, other films that are set to be showcased during the annual film fest run are “Lucid,” “Metamorphosis,” “O,” “Sila-Sila,” “Tayo Muna Habang Di Pa Tayo,” “Tia Madre,” and “Utopia.”

Victor Villanueva’s “Lucid,” written by Natts Jadaone, stars Alessandra de Rossi ang JM de Guzman and centers its story on Ann, a luminous dreamer with her dreams the exact opposite of her mundane, routinary life. As she crosses paths with another lucid dreamer, she realizes her dreams are far more alive than her reality—making her question if it is worth staying there or not. 

“Metamorphosis” is a coming-of-age story about Adam, a 14-year old kid who was born with a secret of having both male and female genitals. It stars Jerould Aceron, Iana Bernardez, and Ivan Padilla and is directed by J.E. Tiglao.

Lauren Young, Anna Luna, Sarah Carlos, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith lead the cast of Kevin Dayrit’s “O,” where Maria, a morgue-intern, meets vampire ‘drug lord’ Matilda in “O.” In this thriller, Matilda forces Maria to become a blood pusher in exchange for her life, selling dried blood sachets to modern-day, harmless vampires.

Meanwhile, Giancarlo Abrahan returns to C1 Originals with “Sila-Sila,” a comedy about a boy who falls in and out of love with ‘the same people’ starring Topper Fabregas and Gio Gahol.

“Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo,” a romance drama by Denise O’ Hara, meanwhile zeroes in on the roller coaster breakup of Alex (Jane Oineza) and Carlo (JC Santos).

Eve Baswel’s horror entry “Tia Madre” is about 10-year-old Angel (Jana Agoncillo) who is living alone with her warm and loving mother (Cherie Gil), who unexpectedly became distant and violent towards her. Angel wonders, is she really her mother?

A crime comedy entry, Dustin Celestino’s “Utopia” stars Vin Abrenica, Arron Villaflor, and Enzo Pineda. The film is about a videographer, a rookie police officer, and an undercover agent whose lives intertwine in the labyrinth of a violent city’s underbelly.

Cinema One Originals have been producing breakthrough films with edgy, thought-provoking contents to the Filipino audience such as “That Thing Called Tadhana,” “Baka Bukas,” “Yanggaw,” “Confessional,” “Changing Partners,” “2 Cool 2 be 4Gotten,” “Mamu; And a Mother too” and more. It has been the discovery platform for new talents and the breeding ground for filmmakers like Jerrold Tarog, Antoinette Jadaone, Richard Somes, Jason Paul Laxamana, and Dwein Baltazar—who all started in C1 Originals. Several of its previous entries have been highly acclaimed in not just local but also international award-giving bodies.

Now bigger and bolder, its 15th year festivities will also be held in line with the 100th year celebration of Philippine Cinema and the 25th anniversary celebration of leading cable channel Cinema One.

Catch this year’s #IAmOriginal entries in Cinema One Originals 2019, happening this November 7 to 17 in various cinemas. For updates, visit @CinemaOneOriginals on Facebook, @c1origs on Twitter and @c1originals on Instagram.

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