Meet Race Wong — well-known HK actress, well-loved PH entrepreneur

Race Wong is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. She and her elder sister Rosanne had a successful singing career as the multi-awarded Cantopop duo 2R. It must be fate that catapulted her from being a well-known celebrity to being a well-loved entrepreneur here in the Philippines.

In an exclusive interview with Cinema Bravo, when asked about her journey from being an actress to building the idea of real estate business Ohmyhome, Race cheerfully said that she actually always goes with her ambition. Pursuing her career as a singer is not merely a childhood dream. She went straight to Hong Kong to achieve this dream and became more than successful.

There were endless casting calls and numerous auditions before she was fortunate enough to break a record deal with Universal Music. She then got a lot of spots in commercials along with the biggest celebrities back then. It went on for a few years until she decided to leave the spotlight to venture into an entirely different career.

“I felt like I can do more beyond myself,” she explained.

And so Race went back to school in Australia to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business. Then, she entered the world of finance and equities trading. She added that entering a new world changed her whole perspective. It broadened her reach as she shifted from everyday reading of celebrity news to exploring financial news.

In 2013, Race had a turning point in which path she would eventually take on full-gear. She returned to Singapore to join her sister, Rhonda, in putting up a company called Anthill Realtors, which basically offered investment and property management services to the affluent. Race loved working with her sister and it felt so natural joining her. Their sisters’ bond is so strong that no one can break it. They understood each other—both strengths and weaknesses—and don’t have any power issues at all. It’s all about serving others together and building a better community. They were aligned together since Day 1 and that is the reason why they started Ohmyhome to begin with. Race can’t ask for a better partner.

Race began conceptualizing Ohmyhome on the first quarter of 2015 when she came across some of the issues that people face when buying, selling, and renting a home. This prompted her to develop smart solutions that simplify the housing transaction. The platform was officially launched three years ago here in the Philippines. According to her, this is a much more reliable platform where you can find information that you can trust.

Ohmyhome is here to make housing transactions fast, reliable, and simple for filipino people.”

When asked about how she balances everything from being a mom to being an entrepreneur, Race shared that there is no such thing as balance — only work-life harmony. It’s all about distinguishing her very own priorities, as well as that of her husband and that of her daughter.

“Priorities are not always the same,” she added. “Because everyone grows and we meet with different challenges at different point in time. So for me, I have to be aligned with my husband and other priorities with my child.”

Race wants what’s best for her daughter. She wants her to have a healthy diet and doesn’t want her to stay up late. When it comes to her husband, on the other hand, she is more understanding in terms of his language of love, which involves quality time and communication. She admitted that it’s easy to do by having dinner with him as often as possible.

“A simple 10-minute talk [with your partner] makes a whole lot of difference because a lot of people are always busy.”

Race has been away from her singing and acting career. She has moved on from it to focus on other goals aside from being part of the entertainment industry. She’s busier now with her work as an entrepreneur.

“Do I miss celebrity life? I think I miss that life a few years ago, but I don’t miss it anymore,” she honestly confessed. “I feel very complete and fulfilled now. I love the work I’m doing and I believe the more successful Ohmyhome is, the better it is for the world.”

The next important thing for her is her family. “Everything is about home and family for me. I love my husband. And now that I’m a mom, I feel complete.”

She concluded that if given a chance to play or be involved again in a film, she would want to have a meaningful role: something that can have a strong message or something that could educate.

Learn more about her passion project on the Ohmyhome app, which can be downloaded for FREE! You can now search, buy, and sell your properties in a simple, fast, and reliable way. Ohmyhome is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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