GMA Public Affairs presents new rom-com ‘Owe My Life,’ premiering Feb 15

Kapuso Premier Drama actress Lovi Poe and sought-after Kapuso leading man Benjamin Alves are paired anew in the latest romantic-comedy TV series from GMA Public Affairs. In “Owe My Love,” money cannot buy love but what if romance blooms out of a business deal?

Expect an unexpected love story that will come across two strangers from colliding worlds in the latest offering from the team behind the highly-successful primetime hits, “Naku, Boss Ko!,” “Inday Will Always Love You,” “TODA One I Love,” and “One of the Baes.”

Lovi Poe plays Pacencia “Sensen” Guipit while Benjamin Alves plays Dr. Miguel “Migs” Alcancia. Their characters meet in the crazy world of debt, near-death situations, and much love to family.

According to their character descriptions: “Sensen (Lovi) is a nursing school undergrad, who quits her studies and takes on several jobs to keep her family’s finances afloat. Selfless almost to a fault, she is driven by her positive attitude that with hard work, she will someday reap her much-deserved rewards. Always on the go because opportunities are not to be wasted, she has little time for herself much less for romance.”

On the other hand: “Doc Migs is a heart surgeon at Centimos Medical Hospital. He is also a financial adviser on a online show called “Alcancia ng Bayan.” Migs grew up in a broken family and was raised mostly by his beloved Lolo Badong (Leo Martinez) who taught him the value of hard work and saving money. But now that Lolo Badong suffers from middle-stage dementia, Migs is desperate to delay the effects of the disease and of forever losing his only family.

Fate and a series of unfortunate events – from paying off her father’s gambling losses to shouldering her youngest sibling’s hospital bills – lead Sensen to become financially indebted to Migs. So they forge a deal where Sensen pays off her loan by working as Lolo Badong’s caregiver because for some inexplicable reason, Sensen’s presence delays the symptoms of Lolo Badong’s dementia. It’s not as simple as it seems however because Lolo Badong is convinced that Sensen and Migs are married. To keep his grandfather happy, Migs asks Sensen to keep up the pretense while she works off her debt.”

Prepare to witness how real romance could unfold amidst their pretend marriage! Will their money issues keep them together or will debt tear them apart?

Featured in the series is an incredible roster of supporting cast: Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas is Vida Morales, Sensen’s boss-cum-second mother; WinWyn Marquez is Trixie Gibs, the clingy ex-girlfriend of Migs; and Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco is Divina, Migs’ greedy stepmother.

Veteran comedians are more than ready to share their antics with Nova Villa as Mema Eps, Ruby Rodriguez as Nanay Coring, Pekto Nacua as Tatay Oryo, Buboy Villar as Gwaps, and Kiray Celis as Evs.

Also in the cast are Ryan Eigenmann as Doc Coops, Jelai Andres as Jenny Rose Guipit, Jon Gutierrez as Eddie Ganondin, Jason Francisco as Richard Purr, Divine Tetay as Juna, Terry Gian as Judith, and Mahal as Mini Divi.

“Owe My Love” is undert the helm of directors Rember Gelera and Ray Gibraltar, with Volta Delos Santos as the headwriter, based on the original concept from Joseph Conrad Rubio. The production team of GMA Public Affairs is led by Program Managers Rubio and Karen Lumbo, with Executive Producer Lowell Alojado. 

Starting February 15, weekdays nights will be filled with fun and love with “Owe My Love” airing at 9:35 PM on GMA Telebabad.

Catch ‘Owe My Love’ weeknights at 9:35 p.m., beginning February 15 on GMA Telebabad. For viewers abroad, they can catch “Owe My Love” via GMA Pinoy TV.

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