LOOK: Anthony ‘Ka Tunying’ Taberna is new face of PA Properties

Award-winning journalist and TV personality Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna is the latest brand ambassador of real estate company P.A. Properties. The endorsement agreement was announced during the media launch this Friday, March 19.

The good-hearted Mr. Romarico “Bing” Alvarez, Chairman of the Board of P.A. Alvarez Properties & Development Corporation, personally handpicked Ka Tunying in order to reach a wider market and to touch a different niche in line with the advocacy of his business: the overseas workers, the business people, and other relevant markets.

Ka Tunying is seen by the company as an embodiment of a hardworking Filipino, while being mindful of giving the basic needs and wants of his family. Moreover, P.A. Properties regards his personality as aligned with the company’s thrust of helping Filipinos all over the world to achieve their dream homes.

On his own Youtube Channel, Tune in Kay Tunying, he has already featured the real estate company. In that episode, he learned the heart of P.A. is not only on its stakeholders but also on its employees. In fact, employees who want to buy a property have special arrangements.

Even though real estate is one of the many industries greatly affected by the pandemic, P.A. Properties was in the foreground towards the 3rd and 4th quarter of last year, making it back on its own feet to operate with strength and operability.

As apparent in Mr. Alvarez’s words: “Kaya natin ‘to!” From his father’s own dream — since the company’s inception 26 years ago — up to his own vision to provide affordable housing to Filipinos, P.A. Properties has already developed 40 communities and built over 20,000 housing units.

More housing projects are set on different sites in Metro Manila, Laguna, Batangas, Cavite, Bulacan, and Pampanga. P.A. Properties is on track to aid in the housing backlog of the country. It estimates to reach a total of 12 million units by 2030 per data provided by Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc (SHDA).

Despite our current situation globally, many real estate companies such as P.A. Properties offer promotional initiatives. This includes extensive discounts aon ready-to-occupy units, more lenient and considerate terms, alternative payment methods, and online reservations.

As Ka Tunying puts it into words: “Kayang-kaya! You can still buy your own home during this pandemic.

There are other attributes that one must consider in choosing a property: affordability, architecture of units, and well-laid planning.

Through its Pag-IBIG Fund partnership, P.A. has made it even more cost-competitive: with as low as P6,300 monthly amortization, and low equity, one can have their own beautiful home,

Another hallmark of their properties is project developments where basic community necessities are integrated, making it easier for families to have basic services and products around them.

With Ka Tunying as the latest ambassador of P.A. Properties, a brighter and smarter business is ahead of this company, extending its arms to other progressive areas in the country.

“It will be resilient and innovative to conquer a wider market, serve broader bases and forge ample alliances; thus, helping more Filipinos to attain their dream home.”

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