Julia Barretto: Did she give up on relationship with dad Dennis Padilla?

The recent heart-to-heart talk between Julia Barretto and her father, Dennis Padilla, seems to be a good sign of a new beginning for their family. This has been noticed by netizens for the past weeks. Or so we thought.

In one of her vlog entries in her YouTube Channel, Dennis admitted his shortcomings as a father and acknowledged his temperament as a reason for the conflict between him and his ex-wife, Marjorie Barretto.

Dennis was also honest towards how bad he felt when Julia decided to drop her real family name, Baldivia, and instead use Barretto back in July 2014.

“It’s not the pangalan itself. That’s my blood, kaya masakit ‘yun,” explained the 59-year old actor. “Kasi kumbaga, parang ito ba ang gusto n’yo? Barretto na nga ang dala mo sa screen, bakit tatanggalin n’yo pa ang apelyido ko? Masakit sa akin ‘yon.”

Apparently, Julia did not push through with her plans to change her surname; she still carries Baldivia in legal documents as a sign of respect to her father.

When CinemaBravo asked Viva Artists Agency, the company that handles the actress’ career, we were informed Julia Francesca Baldivia is the full name written in her exclusive contract as well as in various product endorsements.

“I didn’t ever give up on our relationship,” Julia clarified. “I was never, ‘He hurt me. He traumatized me. I’m never gonna try with my relationship with him again.’ Because if I had given up, we wouldn’t be talking right now. But I kept trying. That was painful for me.

“I was fighting so hard for our relationship despite all the words thrown at me by my own dad. I understand your frustration.

“Nobody was talking to you, but you have to look at why aren’t we talking to you. Why were we so scared to talk to you? You have to understand there was so much pain. There was so much fear.”

While some netizens lauded Julia’s sincerity, things started to wobble again when Dennis reopened the issue on his estranged relationship with Julia.

It turns out that it would be impossible for Julia to accept his father’s invitation for dinner because she’s in a lock-in taping for two months now.

Julia is set to finish filming ‘Di Na Muli,’ with his new screen partner Marco Gumabao. This new drama series is produced by Viva Television for TV5.

Here’s to hoping that things would sort out soon for Julia and Dennis, especially since they have already settled their issues in Julia’s previous YouTube vlog last May where they had a sincere chat with each other.

As the saying goes: blood is thicker than water.

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