MCU welcomes its newest superhero via ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings’

Welcome the newest superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): Shang-Chi, who is debuting with his very own movie entitled ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings.’ The new action-packed movie event is coming to Philippine theaters this November 24 as distributed by Disney’s local office Press Play Picture Philippines.

‘Shang-Chi’ is Rated PG by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). The following is the reason for such classification.

The material contains brief and infrequent depiction of horror and frightening scenes, mild and infrequent swear words and menacing language, minimal and non-graphic depiction of violence and sufferings, that require parental supervision and guidance for viewers below thirteen (13) years of age.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings’ is an origin story that promises to deliver never-seen-before, mind-blowing action sequences as well stunning visuals alongside the signature spectacle of the cinematic umbrella — providing exciting stories with heart and humor.

Shang-Chi stars Simu Liu in the titular role. His character lives in San Francisco and works as a parking valet. In the story, a group of assassins takes a pendant that his mother gave him when he was young. Off to their adventure together with his best friend Katy, they leave their safe lives and journey to Macau, to warn Shang-Chi’s sister Xialing that danger is coming for her as well. Throughout the film, Shang-Chi must confront the past he thought he left behind. When he is drawn into the web of the mysterious Ten Rings organization led by his estranged father, Shang- Chi realizes he must stop him and his Ten Rings cabal.

Here’s what the film’s producer Kevin Feige has to say about this new Marvel offering:

“‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings’ is the story of a young man who realizes that his father is essentially one of the world’s greatest criminals and Shang-Chi has to learn how to process that, and deal with it, in order to evolve beyond it. He must find the heroism needed to break free of his father’s legacy. But there are many sides to all stories. In our film, the world’s perception of his father and his perception of his father prove to be more complex than Shang-Chi initially thought. That was a great driving story for us that we wanted to explore.”

Kevin Feige, ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings’ producer

Shang-Chi also stars Awkwafina (“Crazy Rich Asians,” “Oceans 8”); Meng’er Zhang in her first film role; Fala Chen (HBO’s “The Undoing,” “Sound of the Desert”); Florian Munteanu (“Creed 2,” upcoming “Borderlands”); Benedict Wong (Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange,” “Avengers: Endgame”); Yuen Wah (“Kung Fu Hustle,” “Australia”); Ronny Chieng (“Crazy Rich Asians,” “Bliss”); Zach Cherry (“Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Unsane”); Dallas Liu (“PEN15,” “Underdog Kids” ); with Michelle Yeoh (“Tomorrow Never Dies,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”); and Tony Leung (“In the Mood for Love,” “The Grandmaster”).

Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings” is produced by Kevin Feige and Jonathan Schwartz, and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (“Just Mercy,” “The Glass Castle,” “Short Term 12”). Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso and Charles Newirth are the executive producers. The screenplay is by Dave Callaham & Destin Daniel Cretton & Andrew Lanham, with screen story by Dave Callaham & Destin Daniel Cretton.

Director Cretton’s creative team includes director of photography Bill Pope (“The Matrix Trilogy,” “Spider-Man 2”); production designer Sue Chan (“Shirley,” “The Congress”); editors Nat Sanders, ACE (“Moonlight,” “Just Mercy”), Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir, ACE (“John Wick,” “Atomic Blonde”) and Harry Yoon, ACE (“Minari,” “Euphoria”); costume designer Kym Barrett (“The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Three Kings”); visual effects supervisor Christopher Townsend (Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”); with music by Joel P West (“Just Mercy,” “The Glass Castle”).

Don’t miss out on this latest offering from the much-followed Marvel Cinematic Universe! ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings’ finally opens tomorrow, November 24, in theaters across the Philippines. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #ShangChiPH.

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