Vic Sotto supports Lalamove in empowering other ‘Bossings’

Leading on-demand logistics company Lalamove is reintroducing its partner drivers as Lalamove ‘Bossings’, together with the ‘Bossing’ himself, Vic Sotto, supporting this initiative. This is part of their goal in empowering their drivers.

From ‘Partner’ to ‘Bossing’

As an on-demand delivery platform, Lalamove connects its almost 300,000 partner drivers across Luzon and Cebu with customers and enables them to be their own bosses and earn at their own time and pace. As micro-entrepreneurs themselves who can earn whether full-time or part-time with Lalamove, they have the flexibility to manage their business of moving goods with the use of the platform, aiding the country’s economic growth through micro, small and medium enterprises empowerment.

“More than just a delivery platform, Lalamove has built a community of micro-entrepreneur partner drivers who help with the logistics needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises across Luzon and Cebu. With our ‘Bossings’ on the road, we aim to continuously uplift the morale and persona of our partner drivers, our heroes on the road, who are essential to our day-to-day deliveries,” shared Lalamove Philippines Managing Director Dannah Majarocon. 

Majarocon adds that the term itself explains the role of Lalamove partner drivers, citing, “Bossing sa negosyo, bossing ng pamilya, and with our partner drivers, bossing sa kalsada (Bossing of the business, bossing of the family, and with our partner drivers, bossing on the road).”

Apart from providing a platform for its ‘Bossings’, Lalamove also offers Panalomove rewards and perks to partner drivers to support their livelihood. These benefits range from fuel discounts, health consultations, insurance, loan assistance, vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, and so much more.

Partner drivers are likewise encouraged to join Liga ng Mga Bossing, Lalamove’s official partner driver Facebook group at for more exciting activities and surprises.

The face and true essence of ‘Bossing’

Lalamove also announces its partnership with Vic Sotto as the main voice to help speak to the partner driver community, as he captures not only the support of the public but also the true essence of being a ‘Bossing’. He owns the said moniker and is seen as an idol of many partner drivers who aspire to be a ‘Bossing’ in their own ways.

“Bossing Vic Sotto not only supports our ‘Bossings’ on the road, but we believe that he represents and embodies what this term really means. He manages to succeed and excel in life despite having a lot on his plate being a father, actor, comedian, and entrepreneur – all these without compromising his time for his family while earning for them,” Majarocon added. Thankful for the opportunity to represent Lalamove partner drivers, Sotto remarked, “The hard work of our partner drivers adds great value to the economy more than we think, especially during the pandemic, and even now that we’ve adapted to the new normal. More than being ‘Bossings’ on the

road, they are the ‘Bossing’ of the family and their business as micro-entrepreneurs themselves. I humbly thank Lalamove for their trust and for giving me the opportunity to encourage and empower more partner drivers to continuously strive for success. “

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About Lalamove

Launched in the Philippines in late 2016, Lalamove is an on-demand logistics company that matches drivers with customers and SME businesses to fulfill same-day deliveries. Lalamove’s mission of making local deliveries faster and simpler across North, Central, and South Luzon, and in Cebu is achieved through innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services, and a driver rating system. Lalamove allows these businesses to scale their deliveries and operations at an accelerated rate. Lalamove now operates in over 40 cities across Asia and Latin America. Visit Lalamove’s website:

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