#MyKwentongJollibee showcases two true-to-life kilig stories of true love

This time around, Jollibee is sharing the personal kilig stories of two pairs of loyal Jollibee fans. As part of the brand’s 45th anniversary this year, Jollibee opens the door for people from different walks of life to share their stories in their own words – aiming for inspiration or simply bringing joy by telling their tales.

For Valentine’s season of 2023, Jollibee puts into place its first ever #MyKwentongJollibee short films, showcasing two different stories of two equally engaging pairs. This new series is helmed by multi-awarded Filipino filmmaker Paolo Villaluna.

According to Dorothy Dee Ching, VP-Marketing Head of Jollibee: “Jollibee has been part of the many memorable moments of Filipinos for generations, whether with families, friends and even their special someone. For our first ever #MyKwentongJollibee series, we celebrate real people whose love stories began with Jollibee. We wanted them to personally tell their beautiful tale of love for all the world to know, and to inspire others to share the joy of love with people who matter most this Valentine’s.”

Finding forever on the job

The first film, titled “From Crewmates to Soulmates,” shares Marife and Arnan’s love story that begins in Jollibee—not as star-crossed customers, but as members of the store team. Many people may have gotten a glimpse of their story a few years back, as their prenup photoshoot set in a Jollibee store went viral on social media and brought joy to netizens.

Marife and Arnan developed their relationship while working as crewmates in Jollibee

The film gives viewers in-depth details about their colorful love story— how they started out as friends, their courtship, and to finally finding their forever. It’s a story full of laughter and joy, but not without its challenges, making for a wonderful tale that everyone can relate to. Watch it here:

Rediscovering love at Jollibee

The second film, “Second Chance at First Love,” talks about the love story of Mico and Camille, two contrasting personalities who first met in a summer review class. When Mico, a typical shy-type teen, laid eyes on the bubbly and personable Camille for the first time, he knew right away that he had to muster up the courage to ask her out. He invites Camille to a place they both love for their first date—Jollibee.

Mico and Camille’s love story was years in the making

However, not all first dates turn out well, and it took several years before they reunited once again. Will fate be on their side this time? https://youtu.be/nFWvAsnTEh8

Stories like these show that Jollibee can truly inspire not only joy, but true love in people. Get your dose of kilig and don’t miss these touching stories of romance this Valentine’s season by catching both #MyKwentongJollibee Valentine’s Day short films on the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel and on Jollibee’s Facebook page.

Don’t forget to post your most memorable stories and invite your family and friends to do the same through #MyKwentongJollibee!


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