Grab turns to Gold for new Truffle Collection of Kenny Rogers Roasters

There’s gold on the street as golden Grab riders and cars roamed around the busy streets of Metro Manila. Just last month, Kenny Rogers Roasters launched its newest offering: the ever-luxurious Truffle Collection. In line with this, Kenny Rogers Roasters has partnered with Grab to dress up its Grab riders and cars in gold to hype up the public’s excitement.

Shoutout goes to Kenny Rogers Roasters for sending in samples of their new Truffle Collection. See the photo below. The collection itself does not only look good and appetizing in the eyes but is also sumptuous and filling. Their Truffle Roast, Truffle Steak and Truffle Mac & Cheese are all must-tries. Can’t help but taste them all!

Kenny Rogers Roasters partners with Grab for the launch of its luxurious Truffle Collection.

If you order the Kenny Rogers Roasters Truffle Collection, be ready for a deluxe delivery experience by a Grab rider dressed in a complete get-up of golden motorcycle, jackets, helmets, and face masks! What a luxurious way to start off your truffle experience. Kenny Rogers Roasters will also have a Grab Car covered in gold that will surely be an eye catcher in the streets of Manila.

Now available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters nationwide, you can choose from a variety of options under the Truffle Collection including the signature juicy Truffle Roasted Chicken, which is marinated in truffle extracts & drizzled with truffle oil and served with buttermilk sauce.  It’s wrapped in gold foil to seal in the distinct truffle aroma.

Grab riders in their full golden get-up ready to complete customers’ Kenny Rogers Roasters Truffle Collection experience.

You can have it solo where each Truffle Roast Solo B plate (P300) comes with soulful and flavorful quarter roast chicken, a choice of two side dishes, rice, and muffin; or share it with family or friends with the Truffle Roast Group Meal (P1,065) which includes a whole roast, four side dishes, four cups of rice, four muffins, and 1.5 liter soda.

But apart from its Truffle Roasted Chicken, the Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Truffle Collection also offers the Truffle Mac & Cheese, a soulful and flavorful truffle pasta topped with creamy truffle sauce and freshly-chopped parsley. It’s available in solo serving (P180) and platter (P539).

For meat-lovers, there’s the juicy and tender Truffle Steak – a grilled striploin steak paired with creamy truffle sauce. Each Truffle Steak plate (P590) comes with premium steak, a choice of two side dishes, rice, and muffin.

Kenny Rogers Roasters also dressed up a Grab Car in gold, which roamed around the busy streets of Manila to celebrate the launch of the Truffle Collection.

Enjoy Kenny Rogers Roasters’ all-new Truffle Collection for dine-in, takeout, or delivery through, hotline: 8-555-9000, or partner aggregators.

For more updates, follow Kenny Rogers Roasters’ official social media pages: @KennyRogersPH on Facebook, @kennyrogersph on Instagram, @kennyrogersofficial on Tiktok, and Youtube (


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