MOVIE REVIEW: Everyday I Love You (2015)

Everyday I Love You serves as the second time Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are paired in a movie. ABS-CBN and Star Cinema very well know how to strike whilst the iron is hot but this one is just too soon given that its release is just a few months after two projects: their successful TV tandem in the evening teleserye Forevermore and their first movie Just the Way You Are.

In Mae Cruz-Alviar’s Everyday I Love You, not only is the grammar in the movie title taken for granted (a classic case of Every Day vs. Everyday–and let’s not forget about the missing comma), it seems that the entire movie has no regard to keeping things believable, let alone relatable. What it does best is to keep the audiences knowing what will happen next without giving the slightest chance for surprise or contemplation.

That just got to be your typical Star Cinema flick: pair up your best love team, throw in a superficial (and not to mention wholesome) plot, pepper it with supporting characters that are most of the time irrelevant, drench every scene with a love song that has a dedicated two-minute music video in the middle of the story, present a petty conflict, let the characters confront one another with loud voices and gallons of tears, and provide a happily-ever-after conclusion to an otherwise convenient love story.

And we have not even started with the flow of the story or how the story is superficial and immature! Or how it is barely possible for Gerald’s Tristan to speak clearly and that easily after having been comatose for more than six months and having undergone tracheostomy. Or how Liza’s Audrey is such a crybaby when she is supposed to be a strong girl. Or how Enrique’s Ethan is no different than his previous characters with his sticky stare and sugarcoated delivery of lines.

Aren’t we supposed to stop with make-believes that do not make sense?