GUIDE: Power Mac Center presents ‘Cinemansanas’

Premier Apple reseller Power Mac Center launches Cinemansanas, a campaign for aspiring and established artists who have a vision in storytelling through film in the digital age. Cinemansanas is the second installment of Pixelworx, Power Mac Center’s advocacy of recognizing artists who break the standards of the art scene. It is celebrated with a series of workshops, live demos, and an ultimate art challenge.

Digital Short Competition

This year, Cinemansanas dares artists to defy convention and create a short film using Apple devices. The digital short competition calls for short film entries with the theme “Designing for a Bold New World.” Entries may be executed in any form, i.e., documentary, narrative fiction, and the like as long as they are original and shot and edited using Apple devices.

Contest Categories

  • Student Category is open to all officially enrolled High School and College/University students.
  • Professional Category is for local residents.

All finalists in the Student and Professional categories will qualify to win the People’s Choice Award.

Rules and Process

  1. Short film must run a minimum time of five (5) minutes and a maximum of ten (10) minutes including credit titles.
  2. Entries must include a trailer of their short film maximum of 15 seconds.
  3. Before your film begins you should have:
    a) 2 seconds of black
    b) A title card with: your team name, date, city, title, and genre
    c) A title card with: “This film is made for Power Mac Center Pixelworx”
    d) A title card with: “Shot using an iOS device”
    e) 2 seconds of black
    f) After the two seconds of black, your film should begin.
  4. Entries must be creative and original.
  5. Entries must be in digital video format.
  6. Entries must be received on or before March 20, 2016.
  7. Entry fee:
    • Students – Free
    • Professionals – P500 (you may opt not to pay the entry fee, but your work will not be eligible as official entry for Adobo Design Awards 2016. However, it will still be eligible for the Power Mac Center Pixelworx Awards)
  8. Execution of the material may be in the form of documentary or a narrative fiction and the like as long as it was taken using your iPad or iPhone.
  9. Dialogue can be in Filipino, English, or any dialect. English subtitles will have to be provided for entries not in Filipino or English.
  10. All materials used in the film must be original. No stock photo/footage will be allowed.
  11. Entries should have no violent content, nudity or obscenity.
  12. Only entries that have not been featured in other festivals and competitions are eligible to join.
  13. Entries are eligible if the work is made from January 2015 to March 2016.
  14. Entries shall not have been, in any way, commercially exhibited here and/or abroad. “Commercially exhibited” means any show, display or presentation intended for viewing by members of the general public, the audience thereof being required to pay or give valuable consideration, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for viewing the same. Any film entry which has been shown in any regular, advance or preview screening for valuable consideration whether in movie theaters, television or other media or venue, shall be disqualified; provided: any non-revenue advance or preview screening for promotional purposes only shall not be disqualified as long as the producer shall submit at the time of applying as an entry for the film festival a sworn statement attesting to the non-revenue and promotional nature of the said exhibition.

Mail Attachment-1

  1. Ensure that all content in your film (including footage, music, images, props, etc.) is your own. If you include any copyrighted content, you must be able to provide written permission for its use. Entries containing any unauthorized content will be disqualified. In accordance to the copyright laws, music used in any entry must be original, licensed or in the public domain.
  2. Artist must also agree to the reproduction of their artwork for the purpose of art advocacy.
  3. All finalists will be notified by April 1, 2016. If an entry is selected as a winner, artist will be asked to attend the awarding ceremony on April 9, 2016.
  4. The decision of the Board of Jurors is final and irrevocable. The board reserves the right not to give an award in any category should no entry merit it and the organizers and the judging committee are not obliged to give explanation for the results.
  5. Power Mac Center reserves the right to create, revoke, and modify at any time, in any way its entry requirements, rules and regulations at its absolute discretion without prior notice. Finalists and submitted entries shall be bound by any amendments or addition to the entry requirements, rules and regulations herewith.


Mail Attachment-6


  • Footage that were not taken by the artist.
  • Any copyrighted video from digital sources (internet).
  • Footage with violent content, nudity or obscenity.
  • Any logos or derivative works.
  • Any images or derivative works depicting the Apple brand, Power Mac Center brand and its products.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Duly accomplished application form with the list of the main and supporting roles, production, technical and creative teams.
  2. For students, provide a copy of the members’ Certificate of Enrollment for SY 2015-2016.
  3. Three (3) DVD copies with a maximum resolution of 1280/70. Video encoding format of MPEG-4 / H264. The DVD should include the short film entry, the 1-minute trailer and all raw files that were taken using your iOS devices.
  4. DVD cover must contain the following information:
    a) Entry Title
    b) Director’s Name
  5. Enclose all requirements in a short brown envelope, properly labeled with the following details:
    a) Contest Title
    b) Entry Title
    c) Director’s Name
    d) Category (Student or Professional)
  6. Submit your entries to any branch of Power Mac Center.

Criteria for Judging

  1. Creativity of Presentation – 50%
    • Originality of presentation
    • Overall appeal
    • Inspiring/moving story
  2. Technical Presentation – 50%
    • Quality of film presentation
    • Writing/script
    • Directing
    • Editing
    • Videography
    • Sound design/music (original or with permission)
    • Acting/performance
    TOTAL: 100%

People’s Choice Awards

Encourage your friends to vote for your entry for the People’s Choice Award by liking your entry which will be posted in Power Mac Center’s YouTube channel.

Adobo Design Awards Asia

Power Mac Center aims to honor the brightest and best local talents in contemporary creativity further by participating at the Adobo Design Awards Asia (ADAA) Open/Theme category: Digital Short Film. Student entries are automatically eligible to win the much coveted ADAA recognition (Student category) while professionals will have to pay a nominal fee of Php500 for their category.

“Power Mac Center challenges everyone to reconnect with their inner artist. We need a new breed of storytellers now and with the amazing things you can do on the iPad and iPhone, the only limit is your creativity,” said Joey Alvarez, Marketing Director of Power Mac Center.

Prizes at Stake

Student Category

Recipient of 1 Gold Award: Php 10,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards
Recipient of 1 Platinum Award: Php 15,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards
Recipient of 1 Diamond Award: Php 30,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards

Professional Category

Recipient of 1 Gold Award: Php 20,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards
Recipient of 1 Platinum Award: Php 30,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards
Recipient of 1 Diamond Award: Php 50,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards

Adobo Design Award for Digital Short

Recipient of 1 Award for Student: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
Recipient of 1 Award for Professional: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
People’s Choice Award Recipient of 1 Award: Php 10,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards

Deadline of Submission of Entries

The deadline for submission of entries is on March 20, 2016. For the registration form and full contest mechanics, visit

power mac center cinemansanas

Cinemansanas Workshops

As in the previous year, Pixelworx Cinemansanas will feature a series of workshops led by brand ambassadors, as well as live demo sessions in select Power Mac Center stores. This year’s workshops will showcase some of the country’s premier figures in the film industry.

Pixelworx Ambassadors

The chosen Pixelworx ambassadors are the following:

  • Erik Matti for Direction (Mar 19-20, Trinoma, 2-6PM)
  • Yam Laranas for Cinematography (Mar 12-13, Greenbelt 3, 2-6PM) & Directing and Storytelling through Editing (March 19-20, Power Mac Center Greenbelt 3)
  • Ricky Lee for Scriptwriting (Feb 27-28, Trinoma, 2-6PM)
  • Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez for Film Production (Feb 13-14, Greenbelt 3, 2-6 PM)

It is a rare opportunity to have these distinguished film artists share their unconventional way of visual storytelling to equip participants with valuable skills that can help in their own filmmaking.

In-Store Activities

Apart from the workshops, also scheduled are in-store activities featuring live demonstrations of apps used for filmmaking. Topics include Digital Filmmaking with iMovie, Musical Scoring with GarageBand, and Final Cut Pro X for Mac OS. This will show how Apple devices can be used as instruments in crafting in any chosen medium, particularly in creating film masterpieces.

Interested participants may check the Power Mac Center social media accounts for the online registration announcement.

For more information, visit any Power Mac Center branch, or go to or call 855-8888.

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