Review of Zootopia (2016, US)
A film by byron howard, rich moore & jared bush

Just when one can be forgiven to think that there is already a surplus of animated features that deal with just about anything that does not speak in real life—from talking mice to talking chickens, from talking cars to talking planes—comes a menagerie of talking mammals in Disney’s Zootopia starring a bunny who dream of becoming a cop in a world built, run and lived by mammals who walk in two feet, dress up and works for a living like humans do, and use technology dominated by a carrot-with-a-bite company.

zootopia characters

It is such a thrilling idea to see a metropolis designed by animals themselves. While the presentation of this world is frugal in the form of showing the daily lives and behaviors of these mammals, it is still quite a fascinating sight to see how everything works fine in an ecosystem that has fairly adapted from what the norms apparently are.

Zootopia paves the way to a surprisingly mature exploration of inclusivity in a mammal-centric metropolis where anyone, great and small, can be someone. The latest offering from Walt Disney Animation Studios takes pride in its well-crafted piece of animation which cements yet again the creativity and brilliance of its production team.

The end product gives a tasteful mix of noir and mystery, engaging audiences of all ages in spite of a rather serious theme that further tackles diversity and emphasis on moral worth of an individual.

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