WATCH: Barkada movie ‘Bar Boys’ explores friendship in law school

Bar Boys is a drama-comedy about four best friends who enter the difficult world of law schools where they are forced to make sacrifices for success: sleep, relationships, family and one another.

The film stars Rocco Nacino, Kean Cipriano, Carlo Aquino and Enzo Pineda. It is written and directed by Kip Oebanda (‘Tumbang Preso’) and produced by SM Cinemas.

Joining the cast are Anna Luna, Mailes Kanapi, Sebastian Castro, Hazel Faith de la Cruz, Pontri Bernardo, Maey Bautista, Rener Concepcion, Irene Celebre, Vance Larena, Lharby Policarpio and Ms. Odette Khan.

Here is the teaser trailer for Bar Boys which will open soon exclusive to SM Cinemas:

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