TBA Studios announces exciting lineup of upcoming movies

From TBA Studios, the independent film company that brought highly-acclaimed movies such as ‘Heneral Luna,’ ‘Sunday Beauty Queen,’ and ‘Bliss,’ comes an exciting lineup of upcoming movies as formally announced on its grand launch Wednesday, July 26, at the Marquee Tent of EDSA Shangri-La Manila.

TBA Studios executive producers E.A. Rocha and Fernando Ortigas opened the event with major announcements on the company’s most recent partnership deals.

The group has entered into a strategic partnership with the country’s leading telecommunications company, Globe Telecom. TBA Studios and Globe Studios are co-producing several projects including ‘Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral,’ the much awaited follow-up to Jerrold Tarog’s blockbuster hit ‘Heneral Luna.’ Globe is also going to provide marketing support for ‘Birdshot,’ an official entry to the forthcoming Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, to ensure that the critically acclaimed film will reach more audience when it opens on August 16.

Other exciting film projects unveiled by TBA Studios include Carlo Obispo’s ‘1-2-3,’ a gripping family drama, which opened last year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and ‘Women of the Weeping River’ which took home top prizes in the recently concluded 40th Gawad Urian Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Mindanaoan filmmaker Sheron Dayoc. Another highly anticipated project is the chilling crime thriller ‘Smaller and Smaller Circles’ directed by Raya Martin, based on the best selling novel of F.H. Batacan.

TBA Studios also confirmed that the film adaptation of the popular graphic novel ‘The Mythology Class’ is already in development. The official announcement was made b its creator Arnold Arre and director Tarog, who would helm the project.

Cast members and directors of TBA Studios’ upcoming and past movie projects attended the festivities. Also present were the different government agency partners as well as corporate sponsors, who helped TBA Studios along the way.

Projects In Development

The Mythology Class

Director: Jerrold Tarog | Genre: Fantasy

A young girl who holds a passionate love for Filipino myths, finds herself face to face with mythological creatures. Together with her new found friends, she embarks on a journey to fight supernatural creatures who are wreaking havoc in the human world. Based on a graphic novel by Arnold Arre.

Quezon VS. Aguinaldo [Working Title Only]

Director: Jerrold Tarog | Genre: Historical Epic

The third and final installment of Jerrold Tarog’s historical trilogy.

An American Crucifixion

Director: E.A. Rocha | Genre: Thriller Drama

An American carpetbagger in the early days of Philippine Republic is involved in smuggling, racketeering and making enemies within the Philippine and U.S. governments not to mention the Chinese Mafia. When a terrible thing happens to his family, he offers himself to be crucified on Good Friday as an act of redemption.

The Color Of Fire

Director: TBD | Genre: World War II Love Story Drama

Manila 1940. A young American naval officer is engaged to the daughter of a powerful Filipino-Spanish family during the golden age of Philippine Commonwealth under the United States. With the arrival of World War II, the lovers are separated-he joins the guerillas and she becomes head of the family during the Japanese occupation of Manila, where utter horror and massive destruction reign.


Director: JP Habac | Genre: Comedy
Writers: Doy Del Mundo and Ida Del Mundo

Poignant and funny, this is the music-filled tale of three male seniors in a Home for the Aged who come out of retirement to perform as drag queens, just so they can pay for the Home after the death of their landlord.

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