Piolo-Toni-starrer ‘Last Night’ introduces night romance in local movies

The taste of Filipino moviegoers has drastically changed over the past years, much can be credited to the exposure of our kababayans to the works of different content creators all over the world – may it be in theaters, on television or via streaming.

This year, we have seen how “Kita Kita,” a seemingly small film, broke box-office records with its simplicity, sincerity, edginess, ingenuous storytelling and wise utilization of non-movie stars like Empoy and Alessandra de Rossi. “Kita Kita” became the most successful “millennial romance” to be released, dwarfing earlier attempts like “Im Drunk, I Love You,” and “Can We Still Be Friends?”

“Kita Kita” was a brainchild of Joyce Bernal’s Spring Films and director Sigrid Bernardo.

The success of “Kita Kita” as a “millennial romance” provided a “halo effect” to “100 Tula Para Kay Stella,” and “Love You To The Stars and Back.”

After all, these three movies share outstanding qualities – romance, a dehado character like a stuttering JC Santos, a sick Joshua Garcia, and a not-so-handsome Empoy, lots of hugots, and a very palpable melancholia.

Joyce Bernal, as a creator, has blazed the romance movie trail a number of times. She introduced a new kind of romance in the late 90’s when the Aga Muhlach and Regine Velasquez movie “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” became a big hit. This was immediately followed by a string of romance movie blockbusters – “Hey Babe,” “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw,” “Pangako, Ikaw Lang,” “Till There Was You,” and “Don’t Give Up On Us.”

Later this month, Joyce will once again introduce a new kind of romance with the upcoming Toni Gonzaga-Piolo Pascual-starrer “Last Night.”

Aptly billed as “Night Romance,” “Last Night” is a love story that flourished through the night – a time when it is harder to illuminate the truth, when lies are easier to verbalize, when life seems more dark and grey.

“Night Romance” discusses heavier themes like hopelessness, and giving up with love on the background.

This type of romance goes beyond the sheer kilig of two people falling in love. It talks about painful consequences, not just to the lovers but also to everybody entangled in their lives. Its scope is more far reaching. Its message stronger. It begs to uncover the hidden truths of “nights.”

Yes, it is a love story, and it will make the audience fall in love, but it digs far deeper than hugots, away-bati, and reconciliation.

All these make “Last Night” a must-watch because it is bold, new, edgy, intelligent but something very familiar, and relatable.

Released and distributed by Star Cinema, “Last Night” will open on September 27, 2017 in cinemas nationwide. Watch the trailer below.

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