Survival odds of each hero appearing in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

PROBABLY SAFE: Black Panther/T’Challa
Kevin Feige already confirmed a sequel to the universally-acclaimed, record-breaking blockbuster Black Panther. We’re not yet over with #WakandaForever fever and King T’Challa isn’t going anywhere.

Dora Millaje’s general/T’Challa’s personal bodyguard Okoye is another fan-favorite badass. She may display exemplary combat skills but unfortunately, she has less odds of surviving than her fellow Wakandans. She has no heightened abilities plus if she brings the same weapon and armor against hulking aliens, she won’t stand a chance. Her character is portrayed to be someone who’s willing to sacrifice anything for Wakanda and that could be her downfall.

PROBABLY WILL DIE: Captain America/Steve Rogers
It’s either going to be Iron Man or Captain America. I am inclined to believe that it’s going to be the both of them. Steve had a good run: he survived World War II, experienced what it’s like to be frozen on ice (maybe not so fun), got his revenge on Hydra and founded the Avengers. He’s the emotional linchpin of the group, the beacon of hope and killing him will give the seismic weight Infinity War needs to make a homerun. “You want to get off the train before they push you off,” Chris Evans says. His contract expires after Avengers 4 and its renewal is very unlikely.

PROBABLY SAFE: Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes
Steve Roger’s death will necessitate for another hero to take up on his mantle and his best friend Bucky is the most likely candidate for that. Sebastian Stan has a 9-film contract with MCU and so far he has only fulfilled 3 of them. If anything else, this deleted scene from Civil War is a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

MIGHT BE IN DANGER: Falcon/Sam Wilson
The battle at Wakanda is going to be a huge one and it will only be realistic to lose the lesser-known Avengers here. Wilson might be one of the casualties. He got wings and guns but they won’t do much of a scratch against an overpowered Thanos. The only thing that’s saving him is if he picks up Cap’s shield and continues his legacy. Otherwise, Bucky potentially has that under his belt.



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