Survival odds of each hero appearing in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

PROBABLY SAFE: Star-Lord/Peter Quill
GOTG 3 is now on the works. The group’s de-facto leader/space bandit Star-Lord will still be entertaining us with his crazy antics in the future installments.

PROBABLY SAFE: Groot and Rocket
This is a no brainer. Groot sells merch money almost more than any Marvel character. Well technically, Groot already died. James Gunn confirmed that original Groot is a different person from baby Groot. (I know, I was disappointed too.) Anyway, it will be extremely disappointing if viewers are robbed of teen Groot’s character development in the upcoming GOTG 3. Of course, I’m tagging along his ragtag partner in crime Rocket Racoon. We’re not yet done with this duo.

PROBABLY WILL DIE: Drax, the Destroyer
If there is any character here who will jump at Thanos’ face with no hesitation, it will be Drax. His overwhelming desire to kill him rooted from the death of his family in the Mad Titan’s hands. However, he’s a savage beast who lets his emotions take over. The last time he had a single combat against Ronan (Thanos’ son), he got his ass kicked. Hence, when he jumps at the slightest opportunity again this time, it’s unlikely Thanos will spare him alive.

GOTG certainly has brought the most number of casts here. However, I honestly have no idea what Mantis’ purpose here. It’s unlikely that he’ll put Thanos into sleep as getting close to him is already a tough task. She’s a wildcard character that should be explored/developed more. Killing her will be an unwise move on MCU’s part.

If Thanos is going to be the best MCU villain to date, directors Anthony and Joe Russo needs to let its viewers empathize on him, see the rationale beneath his actions. Gamora is Thanos’ favorite adopted daughter. She has the most emotional connection with him and killing her will add a layer of humanity to him. In the trailer we see a flashback of Thanos claiming a young Gamora. I’m sure this will be played out in the present.



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