Survival odds of each hero appearing in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

The more likely to die however is Thanos’ other adopted daughter, Nebula. Her character arc is about to come into a full circle now. She used to hate Gamora, even attempted killing her several times. Now that she reconciled with her in GOTG 2, a memorable exit for Nebula is if she dies while protecting Gamora. Also, this will give more reasons for Gamora to fight.

MIGHT BE IN DANGER: Hulk/Bruce Banner
The death of his fellow comrades will cause the “strongest” Avenger to be angrier than ever. As we all know, the angrier he becomes, the stronger he gets and thereby the more likely it is for him to beat Thanos.

On the other hand, Marvel still not owns Hulk, thanks to Universal holding his distribution rights. Hence, they can’t make a stand-alone movie of him. Ragnarok smartly included him in the plot to explain his disappearance in Civil War but he can’t tag along in solo films forever. MCU might put an end to his narrative. Also, Marc Ruffalo’s contract expires in Avengers 4 so Hulk’s future is still on murky waters.

Fans have conjured this wild theory of Heimdall having the soul stone, the reason why his eyes glow orange. The all-seeing gatekeeper may bite the bullet at some point and pass his sword to Thor as his new weapon now after Hela crushed his Mjolnir.

We see a shot of Thanos squeezing Thor’s head in the trailer. Will he die in such a morbid way? After all, if this is a war, they can’t all die with their pretty faces still intact, right? Chris Hemsworth is also another case of an expiring contract contract however he made it clear that a good script for a potential Thor 4 might tempt him to reprise the role again. But with Asgard already destroyed, will there be enough story for him to make a fourth sequel? Thor doesn’t need to die but he could.

I sort of expected Loki to die in Ragnarok but instead, he leaves the sequel unscathed with the Tesseract (which contains the Space infinity stone) in his possession. We know from the trailer that Loki will hand it to Thanos. Thanos can kill him right after ‘cause… why not? His significance to the story starts to dwindle by now. Previously a villain, he’s arc has come full circle as he officially belongs now on the ranks of the heroes. As a general rule in superhero films, when a villain reforms his way to a hero, that’s when he dies.

Whew, that is a long list of cast! How about you guys, what are your predictions for Infinity War? Sound off on the comments below!


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