MOVIE REVIEW: Almost a Love Story (2018)

A chemistry that easily bonds without catalyst, Almost a Love Story is an engaging tale knitted by art and Italy.

A romantic story that revolves around Baneng (Barbie Forteza) and Iggy (Derrick Monasterio), two childhood friends who grew up from different sides of the globe. They never meet each other in person and their relationship only grew through constant video calls and having the same interest in painting. Will this be enough to bridge two hearts across the seas? Or will the surf break in the wind howling: “It was almost a love story”?

Personally, I can say that the movie was well-written and directed with passion. Director Louie Ignacio brought something new to this banquet of movies offering to flatter your senses only to break your heart in the end. A cruel end to a hopeful heart! Nonetheless, it will make you feel that yes, love is sometimes unfair. His direction on how to unravel the plot was engaging that even the movie title itself gives a red flag that something tragic will happen would be set aside for you to focus attentively on the film.

With great direction and cinematography, Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio equally complemented the feature with their acting prowess. Their chemistry is on a point that they will feel so familiar even if this is their first movie together.  The cinema was alive that cheering and flattery echoed the walls. I am not a fan of any love-teams but I think this two is worth to consider.

With Baneng and Iggy’s unique love story as the core is a cake of the dessert, and the film shot at Italian landscapes and architecture serves as a rich icing to cap it. This is one movie that I can say you will get the ticket’s price and much more! Being in Italy for a couple of minutes with only a movie ticket’s price is a certain eye candy. I can praise almost everything for this movie and if there is one thing that seemed to lack or I was not satisfied was the sound effects. There are times that some background sounds dominate the ambiance of the movie even if it is not needed. Though overall it was a great movie with only a few areas of improvement to be excellent.

4 out of 5 stars

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