WATCH: No water, no ladder, no way out in thriller film ‘The Pool’

What would you do it if you got stuck in a 6-meter deep pool with a monster?

Find out what two humans would do (Theeradej Wongpuapan, Ratnamon Ratchiratham) in the new Thai thriller film, “The Pool,” which will hit Philippine cinemas starting November 21.

Written and directed by Ping Lumpraploeng, “The Pool” explores how happiness makes you careless.

A production company employee, Day, was assigned to clear up a 6-meter deep pool after a shoot. Day took an inflatable raft to the pool and fell asleep due to exhaustion. When he wakes up, his girlfriend was diving to get to him, however, she bumped her head into the platform. As Day struggles to rescue his girlfriend, the water was slowly draining. They couldn’t get out and had no choice but to stay the night. Morning came, and the pool was emptied! There is no way out, and no one is there to help. Then, a ferocious crocodile emerges from the manhole.

How will they escape? Find out this November 21 in cinemas nationwide. Watch full trailer here:


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