‘Finding You’ review: All the feels in Easy Ferrer’s directorial debut

Easy Ferrer’s ‘Finding Youbrings a new energy to romantic films with relatable performances from Jane Oineza, Barbie Imperial, and Jerome Ponce.

Finding You is all about Nel (Jerome Ponce), who has hyperthymesia, a rare condition with extraordinary ability to remember personal experiences in detail. He knows everything that happened in his life, until one morning after he accidentally activated a ‘throwback’ app and found some old posts about something he posted but can’t seem to remember. He knew it was for a girl that he loved so much from the past but can’t remember which of his exes is the one. Together with his best friend Kit (Jane Oineza), they track down all the girls in his life to see if they can rekindle a romance and find ‘the one.’

Hyperthymesia may sound like a new term for everyone, but people with such condition exist in the real world. This is what makes ‘Finding You’ a much interesting love story. The main concept answers this question: what if you of all the people who can remember everything forgot ‘the one’? Easy Ferrer’s directorial debut brings in a romantic genre that plays with the concept of memory and unrequited love. It’s a very interesting take on friendship. It gave not just your typical romcom feels as this one will literally give you all the feels. It was overwhelming and relatable.

The film stars young actors and actresses that personify today’s fresh generation. The performance of Jerome Ponce proves he is now capable to have a lead role. His scenes were amazing from being a typical boy-next-door to an emotionally wrecked and conflicted person. Jane Oineza perfectly plays “that bubbly kind of best friend” that we all have in real life. Jerome and Jane already had a chemistry from their previous works, so it wasn’t a surprise that they still have the spark in this one.

What made the story much interesting is that they are backed up by supporting cast members like Barbie Imperial, Kate Alejandro, and Claire Ruiz who nailed their respective roles as the past girls in Nel’s life—some of whom may have little screen time but their roles made an impact in a realistically relatable way. Ferrer made sure that the cast will give their best in this one. Great choice of actors and actresses!  

It’s also a new energy to romance genre. The film starts well enough to make an impression on how Nel’s medical condition works. Then it sets up flashbacks and typical childhood-friends-turned-lovers type of tale. The first half is light and colorful in showing how friendship really works. Until it shows twists and heartbreaks that give audiences a pleasant surprise in unexpected ways. After the good feelings, here come that pinch of heartaches.

The soundtrack, featuring Munimuni’s song “Sa Hindi Pag-alala,” also adds to the emotional weight of the movie. The mood is good enough in presenting an unexpected, clever, twisty, and bittersweet heartbreaks. It’s not the usual kilig and hugot movie and I can say it’s the best of all the films with ‘feels’.

Suffice it to say that Finding You unexpectedly blew me away and I almost love everything about it. From its storyline to its characters, this film exceeds what fans would expect to see and feel. It stays true to its depiction of friendship and finding ‘the one’ as it reflects the real lives we live in, the actions we take, and how we are affected by people around us. This is something that fans can cherish as a fittingly new take on romantic films.

4 out of 5 stars
Directed by Easy Ferrer and produced by Regal Entertainment Inc, Finding You stars Jerome Ponce, Jane Oineza and Barbie Imperial, Kate Alejandrino, Claire Ruiz, Jon Lucas and Paeng Sudayan. Opens May 29 in PH cinemas.

One response to “‘Finding You’ review: All the feels in Easy Ferrer’s directorial debut”

  1. One of the best performance of Jerome Ponce so far and ofcourse the always underrated actress of all time Jane Oineza prove once again that she’s a versatile in any kind of role chemistry is still there and hindi pilit hands down sakanila at kay derek easy hope star magic could wake up and give chance to this two actors unlike others na paulit ulit nalang but not can really act though


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