Hotter poster, steamier trailers for ‘Malamaya’ released

As the sexy romantic film Malamaya makes its world premiere at the 15th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival which runs from August 3 to 13, and commences theatrical run on August 14, its filmmakers have released a new poster and a set of new teaser trailers. In the new poster and trailers, film’s stars Sunshine Cruz and Enzo Pineda bare more to reveal more of the movie’s themes of desire and art.

Malamaya tells the story of established visual artist Nora Simeon (played by Sunshine) whose lost passion is reignited when she meets aspiring photographer Migs (played by Enzo). So enamored with her younger lover, Nora fails to notice how he invades her space and her senses, and eventually, her art and her body.

The new poster shows the stars unclothed and in a seemingly post-lovemaking scenario; Nora is lying on her stomach, smoking a cigarette while Migs’ head is on Nora’s back. Both look like they are contemplating on the future of their relationship.

Meanwhile, posted on the Malamaya Film Facebook page are three teaser trailers intriguingly entitled, “Anger,” “Desire,” and “Pride.”

“Anger” shows Nora inviting Migs to have sex, and then Migs asking Nora if he heard her correctly.

“Desire,” which has an original song sung by Bea Barlaan as background, has Nora talking about her art. The clip ends with a piqued Migs responding by kissing and caressing Nora, as if asking for another round of lovemaking.

The third teaser trailer, “Pride,” shows the couple in intimate moments in the car, in the bedroom, and in Nora’s studio. This teaser is capped by an accusatory statement from Nora’s friend, Alice (played by Bernadette Allyson). Alice ruins Nora’s inspired mood by asking if her latest creation was based on someone else’s work.

The directors, Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez, describe that the relationship of Migs and Nora as fiery and unpredictable. “They fall in and out of love. They battle for control. They steal each other’s art.”

Malamaya also stars Raymond Bagatsing in a special role. The movie is produced by Spears Films and ALV Films with Cine Likha Productions. For updates, check out the Facebook pages of Malamaya Film, Spears Activation & PR, and ALV Talent Circuit Inc.

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