‘Unforgettable’ review: Sarah Geronimo’s best performance to date

Perci M. Intalan and Jun Lana’s Unforgettable makes an extraordinary masterpiece through an adorable and heartwarming performance by Sarah Geronimo.

Unforgettable takes us to a wonderful journey of a special girl named Jasmine and her newfound dog, Happy. They take on a long journey to visit her diseased grandmother in Baguio in the belief that bringing the dog to her could heal her. As they walk an incredible distance, they face all kinds of challenges and run into many strangers and help them along the way. This is the film that will take you to a new journey in the discovery of love, friendship and family.

Popstar royalty and box-office queen Sarah Geronimo is no doubt the best choice for the role. Sarah’s performance makes you understand Jasmine’s condition. She shows a heartwarming portrayal especially in her bond with her Lola. It is one pure love that’s real and unconditional.

Sarah proves that she could carry a film even without a love team. Her performance here is unexpected as it’s all out with a heart. She might be a suitable contender for an award as Best Actress—truly an unforgettable performance from the one and only Sarah G.

There are many scenes that make the whole crowd laugh, smile, and cry. The story of ‘Unforgettable’ is sweet and simple yet brings a heartful of impact that matches the great performance of the cast—let alone the cameos that are all memorable. These guest appearances by several big stars in offbeat bit roles make the film a lot more entertaining to audiences.

It brings us to an unforgettable journey of what love is. There is so much to learn from the film because all the characters successfully give out its message effectively.

This masterpiece is creatively directed by Lana and Intalan, one of the most sought after tandem in the local film industry. It is more than a tear-jerking family drama that everyone deserves to see, fan or not.

‘Unforgettable’ is Sarah’s best film so far. It’s as if this is not her first time to do a dog movie! Featuring Happy (played by the popular wonder dog, Milo) makes the story complete as it adds more color to everything, including Sarah herself.

Bring your tissues with you and prepare to cry in this amazing film starring Sarah Geronimo. ‘Unforgettable’ brings out a lot of emotions as it carefully balances entertainment and lessons in life. Worthy of your time and money, this is the film suitable for the whole family and friends.

Directed by Perci M. Intalan and Jun Lana Unforgettable stars Sarah Geronimo, Gina Pareño, Ara Mina, Meg Imperial, Yayo Aguila, and Kim Molina. Rated G by the MTRCB.

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