TV5’s Onstage to premiere Katrina Velarde’s SiKat Ako concert on free TV

Get ready for another concert treat as TV5’s Onstage brings you SiKat Ako: Katrina Velarde Live in Concert on Sunday, November 8.

This is the Philippine TV premiere of Katrina Velarde’s first major solo concert which happened last February 1, 2019 at the New Frontier Theatre. She is joined by guest performers Bugoy Drilon, Daryl Ong and Michael Pangilinan also known as BuDaKhel; A.K.A JAM members Alyssa Quijano, Jhealsea Flores and Monique Lualhati; and the Asia’s Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez.

Those who watched Katrina Velarde’s live concert can relive the amazing musical experience again, while those who will get to watch it for the first time, will be in for a great treat. 

So don’t miss this chance to watch SiKat Ako: Katrina Velarde Live in Concert on TV5 Onstage this Sunday, November 8 at 9pm. Directed by Paolo Valenciano, with the musical direction of Mon Faustino.

And keep Katrina trending with the official hashtags #KatrinaVONSTAGE and #KatrinaVSiKatAko.

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