WATCH: Heartwarming Jollibee music video shows family love, gratitude

Filipino families have always been supportive to one another, most especially in these trying times under quarantine restrictions. They have found means to do more roles in their households: their own teachers, their own playmates, their own helpers — all the more reasons for them to be grateful for keeping each family member safe and sane.

Unconscious as it may seem, family members have become reacquainted. Even if the circumstances have become hard this time around, being constantly together makes things lighter and easier. This is an opportunity for family members to be thankful for the support and love amidst the pandemic.

Along with its theme “Pasarapin ang Pasasalamat sa Pamilya”, Jollibee encourages Filipino families to foster the spirit of thankfulness through its new digital video showing heartwarming everyday scenes that are familiar to us. It aims to remind that having each other is more than enough to be thankful for.

“The current situation may be scary and full of uncertainties but still there’s a silver lining and that’s what Jollibee strove to do in our newest video: we have to continue to be grateful to our family that gives us so much love and strength that enables us to face every day,” shared Francis Flores, JFC Philippines Regional/Country Marketing Head.

Jollibee encourages everyone to show and express gratitude to loved ones by turning quarantine time to quality time. The music video is now available on Jollibee Studios YouTube channel and Jollibee’s official Facebook page

It’s always a joyful time with family, especially with a bucket of Chickenjoy to share. Express your thanks to the ones you love with the country’s best-loved fried chicken!


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