iQiyi launches ‘Love On’: Asian romance collection, 7 Originals

Seven brand new Chinese romance dramas will premiere on streaming platform iQiyi International. Starting today, May 20, up to September, users can watch these newly curated contents on (website) and via downloadable mobile apps of iQiyi. This goes along with over 600 hours of Asian romance content that everyone can enjoy.

Learn how to say “I Love You” with iQiyi International this May with a curated Asian romance collection offering over 600 hours of romantic series and films along with 7 brand new LOVE ON Chinese romance drama originals to premiere progressively on, starting May 20 up to September. The shows can be easily accessible via starting June 1.

The LOVE ON Chinese romance dramas Originals collection builds on iQiyi’s niche in romance dramas such as Love is Sweet, and Backstreet Rookie, and will feature 7 upcoming Original Chinese romance dramas (check out the details below):

  • Moonlight
  • Make a Wish
  • Sweet Teeth
  • Forever and Ever
  • Love Under The Full Moon
  • The Day of Becoming You
  • First Love Again

This is the international streamer’s second content collection to continue its commitment in serving the best-in-class Asian romance entertainment to the global viewers, after its successful thriller and crime drama collection, LIGHTS ON, which features a catalogue of thriller and crime dramas, including critically acclaimed iQiyi Original, The Bad Kids.

iQiyi Celebrates Love with Exciting Asian Romance Collection

On top of the 7 LOVE ON Originals, get ready to settle in for a marathon where you’ll cry, laugh and pick your favourite OTP (as in, “One True Pairing”)! Starting from May 20 (520, when pronounced in Chinese sounds like the phrase ‘wo ai ni’, ‘I love you’, in English), fans can indulge in non-stop romance shows totalling more than 600 hours, which will be progressively added to the library over the next few months. Spearheaded by iQiyi’s first Korean Original production My Roommate is a Gumiho, Monthly House Magazine starring Kim Ji Suk, and all-round fan favourites from current romance library such as Descendants of the SunThe Blooms at Ruyi PavillionDinner MateLove is Sweet and local titles from GMA like First Yaya, and coming soon titles Nagbabagang Luha and Legal Wives.

Key List of Shows on Love On

  • My Roommate is a Gumiho (May 26) — iQiyi Korean Original

For centuries, the 999-year-old nine-tailed fox Shin Woo Yeo (Jang Ki-Yong) has collected human energy in a marble to attain a human form. In an unexpected turn of events, college student Lee Dam (Girl’s Day’s Lee Hye-ri) accidentally swallows his precious marble – which will not only endanger her life but will also ruin Woo Yeo’s chances of ever becoming a human.

Until they figure out a solution to safely remove the marble from Lee Dam’s body, Woo Yeo proposes for them to live together. Stay tuned to watch the love story unfold between the two, with a splash of magic and myths.

  • Moonlight (May 20)

With a passion for publishing, Chu Li (THE9’s Esther) successfully enters her dream company, Yuan Yue Publishing House. There, she navigates the cutthroat publishing industry, eventually rising to become the editor through her hard work and determination. When she meets renowned author Zhou Chuan (Ryan Ding from The Romance of Tiger and Rose), the two are instantly at odds with one another. However, it is revealed that they are actually close friends online, and this forces them to reevaluate their relationship.

Tune in to watch this splice of life drama to follow along Chu Li’s career endeavours and her budding romance with Zhou Chuan.

  • Make a Wish

Yu Chi Yan (Ren You Lun) is a ‘Buddhist youth’ who believes in always taking the path of least resistance. By some coincidence, he saves a white cat, who turns out to be a cat spirit from Meow Planet, which exists in a parallel world. Taking on a human form, Xiao Xiu (Ge Xin Yi) must repay Chi Yan for his kindness before returning to her own planet. As Xiao Xiu moves in with Chi Yan, a series of hilarious encounters ensue.

  • Sweet Teeth

A tumultuous love story between a simple librarian and taciturn dentist.

The 28-year-old Zeng Li crosses paths with her dentist Ai Jing Chu when she gets her teeth straightened. They experience many things together, and gradually fall in love. As the two were about to confess their love to each other, Zeng Li’s first love, Yu Yi, whom she has been waiting for ten years for reappears. Now stuck in a love triangle, Ai Jing Chu, Zeng Li and Yu Yi struggle to figure out their feelings.

  • Forever and Ever

If you’re a fan of a good romance, then Forever and Ever is the show for you! Go on an emotional roller coaster with Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen as they navigate through their lives together.

Shi Yi (Bai Lu, Love is Sweet) is one of the best voice actors in the industry. One day, she meets Zhou Sheng Chen, a chemistry professor, and they both leave a deep impression on each other. Zhou Sheng Chen agrees with his mom to marry and take over the family business, but rejects his mom’s arrangements, instead proposing to Shi Yi, who accepts his hand in marriage.

After marriage, Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen take over the family business, and manage to salvage the business, preserving the traditional arts. However, Shi Yi gets into an accident, getting herself seriously injured whilst saving her husband from being hurt.

  • The Day of Becoming You

Jiang Yi (Steven Zhang) is the leader of a popular male idol group. One the outside, he is a cold, stoic leader, but inside, he is an otaku. Yu Sheng Sheng (Liang Jie) is an entertainment reporter, interested in popular culture. The two are fated, sharing the exact same birthday.

 An accident causes Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng to swap identities, which forces them to have to navigate a life that is so different from their own. They rely on each other throughout, guiding, nurturing and helping the other. By living each other’s lives, Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng grow emotionally attached to each other, as they understand the hardships each other goes through, and fall in love.

  • Love Under the Full Moon

The appearance of a Super Moon causes Lei Chuxia (Yukee Chen) to lose her memory and time-travel to the world inside Xu Xiaodong’s (Zheng Ye Cheng) phone. He manages to get her out but Lei Chuxia sadly realises that she can only move within the vicinity of Xu Xiaodong. In order to get rid of the unwanted company, Xu Xiaodong decides to help Lei Chuxia regain her identity but meets her fiancee Wei Xuanhe instead.

  • First Love Again

Adapted from the novel ‘Time machine’, First Love Again tells the story of the cold and unapproachable top student Ye You Ning (Patrick Shih) and the bright and sunny Xia Wen Si (Amy Chen) who meet in a parallel time and space.

Through an unexpected opportunity, Ye You Ning of the present connects with Xia Wen Xi from the year 2006. Their encounter with love leads to a sweet romance and a chance to relive high school, to meet old friends again and to experience the taste of first love.

Your romance destination — Love Lessons

In the social space, iQiyi International will also present LOVE LESSONS, a series of fan activities to celebrate the passion and love for romance shows! Fans and followers can expect exclusive content on iQiyi International’s social page that will consist of carefully curated tips on how to plan the best date and more, drawn from dramas and your favorite celebrities on a weekly basis, throughout the entirety of the campaign.

LOVE ON romance collection will launch officially on June 1 at available via mobile apps and website, with easy-to-use features including customised playback speeds, high resolution quality (1080p and even 4K) plus 10 subtitles available. Viewers can relive each heart-stopping moments at their own leisure.

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