‘Rolling in It Philippines’: Yassi Pressman debuts as game show host

It’s luck and roll on the newest game show of TV5, ‘Rolling in It Philippines,’ where you can win big and team up with your favorite celebrities! As Yassi Pressman takes on her first ever hosting stint for a game show, she is more than excited and challenged to be the new face of Philippine game shows where players can make their dream come true by winning cash prizes. She is currently the only solo female game show host in the Philippines as Rolling in It premieres this June 5 at 7:00 PM on TV5, as produced by VIVA Entertainment and Cignal TV.

Are you ready to roll the coin, push your luck, and become the next millionaire — all this while playing with a celebrity? Well then, it’s time to take your chance at a game show where anything can change at the drop of a coin, literally. TV5 and Cignal TV Inc. are proud to present Rolling In It Philippines—a game of luck, mind, and strategy—the local adaptation of the United Kingdom’s number one game show in 2020. 

Rolling In It Philippines debuts on Philippine television on June 5 hosted by British-Filipina model and actress Yassi Pressman. Pressman, fresh off the success of her acting stint in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, goes back to her hosting roots and is now taking centerstage as the game show’s host. 

Rolling In It Philippines is a luck-based game show and contestants can be twice luckier as they are given a chance to play with a celebrity partner to help them through the rounds and win. Our weekends will surely be star-studded as new sets of celebrities team up with our contestants weekly for the chance to win up to Php 2,000,000.

The teams will test their luck through the roll of a coin on a giant arcade machine and will compete through a series of questions and choices together. They can opt to PLAY to roll again and answer another question, increasing their chances to earn, or to PASS the opportunity to a different pair, especially when the risk of losing their earnings is at stake. The pair who earns the most money after 9 questions advances to the Jackpot Round.

Only those who think quickly, strategize willfully, and have lady luck on their side will go home as the winner in this game show.

See catch-up episodes on Sari Sari Channel every Sunday, 8PM, starting June 6, available on Cignal TV CH. 3 and SatLite CH. 30. You can also watch Live and On-demand via Cignal Play App (free to download for both Android and iOS).

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