Netflix Kids: Two new family-safe features launched

Letting your kids watch Netflix and enjoy the shows and the movies fit for their age is something that the global streaming platform wants to give a much-deserved upgrade to family time. This time around, it launches two new kid-friendly features to help families all around the world connect with their favorite series and films, while making sure that they can discover the next best titles for our young loved ones.

Netflix Kid Recap

First off is the bi-weekly kids recap emails that gives parents better understanding of their child’s preferences and news ways to engage those interests. Here are some of the contents of this special email.

This is an example of Netflix Kid Recap email. Photo: Netflix
  • Recommendations based on your child’s favorite shows and movies;
  • Printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by your kid’s favorite characters;
  • Top themes or topics charts that show the types of programs your child enjoys most (i.e. science, friendship); and
  • Tips for how to use our Kids features on Netflix.

Netflix Kids Top 10

Secondly, Netflix is launching Kids Top 10 rows. If features the most popular children’s content in the user’s country. 

This is an example of the Kids Top 10 tailor-made for you. Photo: Netflix

We’ve seen how Top 10 rows help Netflix memebrs find something to watch. Time and again, it aims to help families make the best decisions in their viewing habits. This is the very reason why it offers a wide variety of safe (and fun!) tools for younger viewers like kids profiles, custom ratings and profile locks.

Connecting our kids, families and friends to the stories of the world has never been this easy!


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