REVIEW: 10 things we loved about 2021 Samsung Crystal UHD TV 55″

For four weeks, Samsung has lent Cinema Bravo a review unit of the 2021 Samsung Crystal UHD TV 55″. Read on to discover the 10 things we loved about this latest TV model. Personally coming from a regular Smart TV that dates back to 2013 (one that has been used every single day for the past eight years), it’s a highly refreshing experience to immerse into a relatively huge TV, offering a more user-friendly and rewarding approach.

1. Size matters.

In this time and age where size matters a lot, having a huge TV in a rather small living room gives a striking contrast. Boasting a diagonal dimension of 55 inches, the 2021 model of Samsung Crystal UHD TV gives more than enough space to look at — even from the farthest reach of the house. If you have a whole lot of space in your home — whether it is on a long table by the living room or in your own bedroom — having a huge television could easily be your thing.

Since there was a limited space in the house, we had to move some furniture and vacate our dining table to make sure that the TV has a good place to be for the duration of our review period.

2. It’s so easy to set up (and pack up).

The box that the unit comes along with has specific instructions that make sure you do proper handling and setting up. Even if it took just one person to carry the box to our doorstep, it would be difficult to unpack the appliance all by one’s self. A helping hand is much needed to ensure its safety.

Its installation instruction is not hard to follow. The two stands of the TV are so easy to slide into position. There’s no more need to painstakingly work with a screwdriver to get the job done. Since we had a limited time to try the TV, we did not pursue on mounting it on our wall. Instead, we just used our dining table to place the TV in position. (We had to make use of a make-shift table as a compromise.)

We did not have any issue on connecting the wires on its back. (Let’s discuss this further on the next point.)

Setting up our digital box was a breeze. Also, connecting a hard drive from time to time was not a problem at all. It has other features at the back like HDMI, but we just had no such device or cord to on try it with.

Conversely, removing the cords and putting the TV back to its original box can smoothly be done in under a minute. It’s a pretty good tip to always save the box, and everything else inside it, until such time that you are sure of the quality of your appliance. Right after our review period, it was a relief to return the unit as good as new — as if almost a month has never passed its way with us.

3. Its sleek and compact design is topnotch.

Other than the size, its sleek and compact design is something that is more than noticeable on first look. It features an ultra thin profile that prioritizes both elegance and functionality at the same time. It’s just so good to face the screen at an angle without the usual bulky appearance at the back of the TV. Marketed by Samsung as its slimmest Smart TV, this unit has a minimalist look that makes it blend easily with the interior of the room.

4. It hates clutters.

If you are the type of person who is particular with cables crawling around and behind your TV, you will definitely love the back design of this TV. True to how it is called, Samsung’s clean cable solution keeps your wires tidy by concealing them at the back of the unit. It has dedicated parts where you can slide your cables in and have them intact using a holder. Whether you place the television standing on a table or mounted on a wall, the cable management system on its back will pave the way for a comfortable and clutter-free look at your TV.

5. Crystal picture is decent picture.

Immersive, vibrant, lifelike. These are just three words that best describes the way colors are presented by this Samsung TV’s latest model. As a budget-friendly model, what it tenders in terms of picture quality is good enough, most especially if you came from a relatively older model from the same or a different brand. If you are not that specific in looking into the details of how much colors or how deep the blacks and the whites are, this is a decent TV to consider.

According to its website, it has a Crystal Processor 4K that upscales the resolution for the content shown. It also has a 3D color mapping technology. If it were to be compared side-by-side with a higher-scale unit, there would be a slight difference in terms of color outputs and depth of tones. But then again, the comparison would only be apparent if you actually look at two TV units at the same time to compare each other. With this unit alone, you get sufficient colors that deliver sharpness and crispness to the images on screen.

6. Adaptive sound.

For its built-in speaker, the sound is adaptive to whatever is presented on the screen. As we have experienced it, we did not need to adjust the volume — time and again — just to keep the sound levels equal from one scene to another. You can also adjust the settings of the sound through an equalizer. That’s something to look into if you have your own preference, but as it is, it has its preset adjustments that you could work around with.

Installing a sound bar could also be your thing. With the physical attributes of how the unit is mounted with an adjustable stand, you can raise the screen a little bit higher to accommodate a sound bar just within that little space. Our review unit did not come with a sound bar but we would surely have enjoyed it all the more with one.

7. Boots up smoothly.

Coming from a smaller TV that boots us slowly, this is a resounding change to our everyday living of turning on and off the television. It takes a snap to open it and to load the apps. In a flash, you could open YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video without any hassle (of course, if you have previously set up your connection to your Wi-Fi).

We used to have another Samsung model that takes 2-3 minutes just to prepare the Wi-Fi connection. This gives off a striking comparison to how newer models took into consideration that users can’t just wait that long.

8. Apps open and move around seamlessly.

Aside from the usual suspects (YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, HBO Go, Amazon Prime), it also caters to other apps that you could also see in other sets. What is so lovable in this one is that the apps can open quickly and you can move around them seamlessly. It remembers your login credentials and stores in its memory where you left it — paving the way to a smooth transition whenever you want to go back and forth from all of these open apps.

Furthermore, there is just too much to explore with its wide roster of apps to install and play along with — categorized based on its function (Game, Education, etc.)

Screen casting is also available and it’s so accessible: whether you are using an Android phone in casting or an iPhone via AirPlay.

9. Simple but powerful remote.

We were so used to having a remote control that has a sensor that we almost forgot that the new models of TV have Bluetooth-enabled remote controls. We sit on the sofa, hitting the buttons of the remote once in a while, pausing the movie or TV show to our surprise. Now that we have understood that ages have passed since the good ol’ days of sensor-driven remote controls (which you actually need to point to the screen for it to work), this latest Samsung TV has a far friendlier and more enjoyable control to savor.

The design of the remote control is stylish and simple. It has enough buttons that you would really use time and again. This is also a mile away from that usual design with dozens of buttons. It has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, and the Browser for surfing the Internet. A YouTube button could have been more useful and more convenient than the Browser button, though.

It also came along with two batteries that you can simply insert. No more need to run to a store to get a couple of batteries on your first day of using the TV.

10. A cinephile’s best friend.

For someone who totally loves watching movies and TV shows, having a large TV with useful features is more than enough reason to stay at home and enjoy the comfort of entertainment right at the very heart of one’s home. If we were to purchase a large television set that could maximize our lockdown days, this could be that thing!

Having an account on YouTube Premium, Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV, Samsung’s latest model keeps us going with switching from one library to another — effortlessly, hassle-free, efficiently.

Having all things taken into consideration, the 2021 Samsung Crystal UHD TV has all the good stuff to be loved. While there are certain stuff that we did not push to dig into — like connecting other cables on its back, trying out a gaming console, or utilizing the voice assistance feature — in a matter of four swift weeks, we had almost everything we wanted to be familiar with.

In fact, we haven’t noted of anything we hate about this 2021 Samsung model (except that we would have loved to keep the review unit, of course!).

The aforementioned points could also be your own. Push the extents of worthwhile cinematic experience with what Samsung has to offer. See more of their products here: and let us know what you think!

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