Ali Sotto, Pat-P Daza host NET25’s ‘Ano sa Palagay ‘Nyo?’

NET25 is launching its newest morning TV-radio program called ‘Ano sa Palagay ‘Nyo?’ headlined by veteran hosts Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza. It will air from Monday to Friday, 8:00-10:00 AM on NET25 through free TV, YouTube and Facebook. It will also be broadcasted on radio via Radyo Agila 1062 Khz and Eagle FM 95.5.

Daily commentary programs which are usually dominated by male anchors are now given a friendly competition through strong female personalities who have what it takes to be involved in trending topics of national interest.

Ali Sotto and Pat-P Diaz are more than prepared to get into the details of various issues that Filipinos can easily relate to.

Ali wanted to bring into the table the fact that “first and foremost, we are Filipinos.”

As for Pat-P, she wants to take it to a softer point of view. There are many issues that we can’t simply overlook. We have to know what’s happening, so that, at least, we can find ways on how to face them.

For the two hosts, they want the discussions to be “very light and easy to understand by everyone.”

Be it politics, market news, traffic update, or pandemic response — Don’t miss this chance to join the conversation in ‘Ano sa Palagay ‘Nyo?’ weekdays on NET25, Radyo Agila, and Eagle FM, as well as on social media.

For more information, engage with the Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and Twitter profile of NET25. For updates, you may also join their Telegram channel.

Check out the official website of NET25 here.

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