Rayver Cruz, Rodjun Cruz-owned ‘CruzFit’ gives trust to Nobi ECRM business solution software

New business solution software Nobi ECRM was full force during their grand media launch last Monday, November 15. The virtual event was hosted by celebrity-host Dianne Medina. True enough to its mission to serve online business and optimize operations, Nobi is trusted by local and foreign companies including the celebrity-owned startup CruzFit, co-owned by brothers Rayver and Rodjun Cruz (Dianne’s husband).

Their team presented the benefits of using the software and explained its various aspects — from marketing to POS solutions, from Shopee management to sales CRM, from fan page management to automation operations.

What is Nobi ECRM?

With the development in the present, Nobi is more and more confident in the future thanks to its solid foundational resources.

Products: Nobi is a product that has many outstanding advantages in the market according to customer care and remarketing with a professional technical team and a young and enthusiastic customer care team.

Marketing: Nobi has the companionship from DC Group and is is recommended by over 20 top digital marketing experts in Vietnam.

Strategic partner: Currently, Nobi is a strategic partner of Ladipage, GHN, KTcity, BotBanHang…

Building an ecosystem, connecting online businesses, promoting development, bringing the greatest benefits. Nobi is committed to 100% quality and 100% refund of costs if not bringing value to customers. All of the features are FREE when you upgrade.

Who should use this platform?

Nobi targets small and large businesses who need online business solutions. It promises to provide an all-in-one solution for order management, CRM and markeitng automation. Just 1 click to replace all redundant and inefficient employees.

What are the benefits of using Nobi?

Nobi Marketing: The feature helps you to measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign in detail based on extremely important data such as the number of closed orders and the actual profit after deducting all costs. All sales channels are easily managed on one interface to launch personalized, intensive remarketing programs.

Nobi Pos: Effective customer management and bill of lading tracking solution. A superior CRM platform for storing and managing customer information. Besides, Nobi Pos helps you keep track of thousands of orders easier than ever.

Nobi San: Platform helps optimize operations on the Shopee e-commerce trading floor. Businesses can easily optimize customer experience, optimize operations, and increase revenue.Get Trail

Nobi Sales: A powerful prospective customer and sales team management platform. All on one easy-to-use platform, helping teams boost customer engagement, close more deals, deepen relationships, and not miss even one lead. 

Nobi Chat: The conversation management tool on fan page helps you automaticalize sales, simplize sales closing, and professionalize customer care. In addition, Nobi Chat is also an effective assistant to help you sell through livestream effectively and save money.

Nobi Automation: Meet development needs quickly, conveniently and more effectively, Nobi Automation has created with a cross-platform automation process, helps you enhance the customer experience and maximize the value of each customer that you have.

Why do business need to use Nobi ECRM at this time?

Nobi connects all operating software systems that you are using into one interface. With easy operation, you can quickly change order status and manage customers in detail.

This amazing application can help you to control the single stroke effectively. Therefore, it helps you increase the success rate of delivery and minimize the situation of refunds.

Nobi approaches customers through every channel that you have such as facebook, sms, email, call center, app…. Users can easily up-sell, cross-sell and take care of customers automatically and personalize according to customer behavior.

Nobi helps your business to save the manpower, the time and the money in placing an order, tracking orders and checking warehouse in the most optimal way.

Privacy Policy

ECRM has built an “All in One” – Nobi solution as a commercial software. This service is provided by ECRM and is used as present.

You may check out their complete Privacy Policy to know more about their process when it comes to data collection, as well as the use and disclosure if anyone decides to use their services.

Just like in any other software, customers who choose to use their services agree to the collection and use of information in relation to their privacy policy. The data that they collect is used to provide and improve the services. They maintain that they willnot use or share customers’ data with anyone except anything that is described in their Privacy Policy.

For more information, you may contact Nobi through the following:

  • Website: https://nobi.pro/
  • Email: cs@nobi.pro
  • Hotline: +63 997 337 7963
  • Office in Vietnam: 33 Nguyen Trai Street, Khuong Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan Province, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Office in the Philippines: Goodwill Homes II, Kingspoint Subdivision, Brgy. Bagbag, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1116

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