Protect your online holiday shopping with safer, better experience

The busy days of Christmas season are here once again with the upcoming 12.12 just around the corner. Many people are excited to shop, that’s why it is more than imperative to protect our online Christmas shopping, while making sure that it is safer and better than ever.

Christmas lists are now finalized in terms of gifts needed and who to give them to, where people channel their inner Santa Claus vibe and check who is naughty and who is nice. The excitement is real, the anticipation is unbelievable, and the waiting makes it more energizing.

But wait. Before we get buried with the delight and enthusiasm of our Christmas shopping, don’t forget to protect yourself and your hard-earned money. You saved your moolah earned for the year just for your Christmas shopping for your family, friends and loved ones and significant others. Don’t let it go to waste to scams perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals out to spoil your Christmas shopping fun.

Online banking

 If you’re going to shop and will pay online, well, make sure you have the funds. Also, don’t just give away your online banking details to anyone. Don’t be lured by scams with the promise of great financial return that will take your precious money away from you via phishing and the latest one, SMiShing. Protect your money at all times. Don’t use your social media password as password for your online bank account. If possible, use complex passwords but make sure you memorize them. Be sure to report to law enforcement authorities any suspicious acts and other criminal activities aimed at stealing your money. The Philippine National Police has a cybercrime group. Know how to contact them, just in case. If possible, look for payment options that offer increased buyer protection.

A close up of a laptop screen that reads Online Banking with password sign in, as a hand holds a smartphone with an app displayed

Trust the source

If you’re into shopping for Christmas gift items via the popular shopping platforms, make sure that the source (seller) is legitimate. Some people make it a practice to buy their items at the product manufacturers’ “mall” section in the platforms. Usually, the most trusted and reputable sellers are in the “mall” so that would make you feel safe in your purchase, that the product you’ll get is legitimate, of good quality and worth your hard-earned money. Check as well terms and conditions on your purchase, especially shipping and refunds.

Work from home, stay at home

If you work from home, just stay at home and do all your things, of course, including shopping, at home. Be sure to do your shopping at your computer that is protected by your home network and don’t be fooled to shop using any other device that runs on a network you don’t have absolute control, or else… goodbye shopping money!

Look for the “S”

 It’s always best to remember to look for the “S” when checking out shopping sites. You know you’re not looking for the “S” to be Superman, but don’t make that “S” make you look silly by going to sites that are not “safe” and “secure.” The “S” in a URL give you some peace of mind, especially when going to a site that would require your password and other personal details.

But best of all, think before you click. Exercising due diligence is done also when shopping, which would mean parting away with your precious money. It’s always prudent to check and re-check to make your online shopping better, safer and secure this Christmas. 

It is the vision to make people’s online shopping convenient and be made high tech, but is also protected with enough and timely laws that will shield consumers from online fraud and abuse. People should adapt to the changing times, to be “Computer Literate,” “Innovative,” provided with sufficient “Connectivity” and “Knowledge” to make your online shopping “CLICK” and do other things online with convenience, but also with enough peace of mind. 

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