Kapuso actress Valeen Montenegro portrays healthcare advocate Dra. Minguita Padilla in new short film

“Fit for the role and she looks like me.” This was the overall impression on Kapuso actress Valeen Montenegro of ophthalmologist-turned-health advocate, Dr. Ma. Dominga “Minguita” Padilla, during the virtual press conference of ‘Liwanag: The Life and Legacy of Dra. Minguita Padilla.‘ This new short film, produced by Kapitana Media Entertainment, is a 45-minute offering to Filipino audiences here in the country and around the world as it is free to view online.

‘Liwanag’ tells the story of the renowned eye doctor’s journey from an unassuming medical student to a public health crusader, who is now one of the country’s most active medical advocates in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Producer and writer Rossana Hwang has this to say, “Together with friends of Dra. Minguita, like myself, and some of her family members, we decided to produce a medical drama, with touches of humor, that will shed light on what she has done for our country. Long before the pandemic happened, Dra. Minguita has been helping the sick, especially those afflicted with eye ailments.”

Hwang is also the co-writer and executive producer of new comedy-drama film ‘The Women of TONTA Club,’ which is now streaming on KTX.ph and Upstream PH.

As Founder and President of Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines, Inc., Dra. Padilla has been leading in efforts for the procurement, processing and distribution of corneas and eye tissues since 1994—an endeavor that has helped restore sight to thousands of patients around the country; including indigent patients, who would otherwise remain blind.

When Covid-19 hit the Philippines, Dra. Padilla, together with her fellow doctors, raised funds for hospitals, and for PPEs, supplies, and even washing machines that were donated to the medical frontliners who were on perpetual duty at the hospitals. Dra. Padilla, who is co-convenor of Doctors for Truth and Public Welfare, also served as resource person in several webinars and online forums in order to inform the public on the facts about Covid-19, the importance of vaccination and how to avoid getting the virus.  She also helped the MSMEs through her work with GoNegosyo. Her efforts at training barangay health workers and other doctors at COVID-19 antigen testing, making her own home a virtual testing area, and making herself available for those who needed help in connection with the pandemic, have been recognized by the City of Makati that awarded her with the Exemplary Makatizen Makahero Award last December 2021.

“Actually, I never thought that there would ever be a biopic about me,” says Dra. Padilla.  “I am very grateful to those who put this project together. I know it was because they truly care for me and they know my heart and my reasons for taking a very big risk, leaving my comfort zone and running for public office.”

Dra. Padilla is running for senator under the Partido Reporma party. In October 2021, after much soul-searching, she decided to heed the requests of various medical groups and seek an elected post.

Watch “Liwanag: The Life and Legacy of Dra. Minguita Padilla,” directed by Rember Gelera. The short film can be seen at the following Facebook pages: @DraMinguita, @HeSaidSheSaidPH, @PadayonTaPage and @Kapitana Entertainment Media, as well as on the Minguita Padilla YouTube and the Kapitana Entertainment Media YouTube channels.


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