Dingdong Dantes on dual role in ‘I Can See You: Alternate’: “Sobrang hirap ng character”

The primetime mini-series ‘I Can See You’ returns for its new installment—this time a little big longer as it features the one and only Kapuso Primetime King, Dingdong Dantes, whose last primetime drama series was the Philippine adaptation of South Korea’s ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (where he is paired with Kapuso Ultimate Star Jennylyn Mercado).

During the recent bloggers conference for ‘Alternate,’ Dingdong shared his excitement for bannering GMA Network’s newest mini-series ‘I Can See You: Alternate’ where he plays a dual role for the first time. “Sobrang hirap ng character na binigay,” he said and explained how the production team made everything easy despite the challenges of playing two leading en who look exactly the same.

Yet another first for this new show is the first team-up of Dingdong and Beauty Gonzalez. Fresh from the success of GMA Afternoon Prime mini-series ‘Stories from the Heart: Loving Miss Bridgette,’ Beauty made it a point to study her new character so as to sprinkle it with something different. Not to mention, it was a dream-come-true for her to be able to work with Dingdong.

‘ICSY: Alternate’ also serves as the reunion project of ex-couple Ricky Davao and Jackie Lou Blanco. They portray the roles of Lyndon and Cita, respectively, who are Nate’s parents.

Here is the storyline of the latest installment entitled ‘Alternate’:

Dingdong appears as Nate who is the adopted son of a well-off couple. He is well-raised, well-bred, educated, and refined. In an unexpected turn of events, Nate discovered that he has a twin brother, Michael, who is played by the primetime actor as well.

The conflict intensifies when Nate’s wife, Sheila, unknowingly cheats on Nate with Michael because of their exact resemblance.

The acclaimed Kapuso anthology ‘I Can See You’ launched the romance drama ‘Love on the Balcony,’ the drama revenge ‘High Rise Lovers,’ suspense-thriller ‘Truly. Madly. Deadly,’ as well as the romance drama ‘The Promise’ — all of which are available for streaming on Netflix.

‘I Can See You: Alternate’ airs weeknights on the primetime block of GMA. It is Telebabad’s second new show for 2022.

“Be careful who you trust.” Watch the trailer for ‘I Can See You: AlterNate’ below.

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