Alexa Ilacad, KD Estrada quash ‘KDLex fan service’ tag, say ‘fan wars’ achieve nothing

Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada are frequently tagged by ABS-CBN as “today’s most promising love team.” True enough, the KDLex tandem is more than an on-screen pairing shipped by the growing number of followers they earned from the friendship—and if you may, the siblingship—that blossomed inside Bahay ni Kuya of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10 — Celebrity Edition.’

Just a couple of months since they ended their stint in the long-running reality show, KDLex is not stopping anytime soon in bringing kilig and entertainment to their fans and newly-found followers. This Saturday, February 26, they will have a grand virtual meet-and-greet via ‘Closer: The KDLex FanCon’ at 8PM via KTX and SKY Pay-Per-View.

CinemaBravo attended their virtual media conference and asked Alexa and KD a couple of questions.

CinemaBravo: You’re so fond of your fans that you always show how much you appreciate them. Even so, how do you set the boundaries on what to show and what not to show, while making sure that people can’t call your gesture as just ‘fan service?’

“For me, I think hindi naman po talaga mawawalan ng mga tao na magda-doubt sa actions namin, whether or not we’re genuine, or kahit genuine kami pipilitin nilang sabihin na, “‘hindi, fan service [yan!].’ And there’s nothing we can really do about that at the end of the day. So that’s actually not something we think about! Like, how can we do this? How can we set boundaries? ‘Cause, again, what you see is what you get,” said Alexa.

“And we really enjoy talking to them, bonding with them through Kumu. That’s our way of talking to them or making them happy din. And kasi, with us, since we both came from a reality show, people watched us every day, got to learn more about us, and pakiramdam nila na rin po kasama nila kami araw-araw. And we really want to maintain that, actually.”

Alexa mused, “I don’t think there’s anything with the boundaries that we need to set?” “Yeah!” KD agreed.

She further explained, “I don’t think naman… As of now, I don’t see any need. So, we can just continue on being whatever we are!”

KD interjected, “And sa mga nagsasabi diyan na “ay! baka fan service lang yan,” Hindi, off-cam talaga yung isa diyan!”

To which Alexa interrupted, “Wag ka nga!”

“REALLY? Seriously? I’m at her place almost all the time. I eat with her family—her mom and her dad… I don’t think that’s fan service anymore.”

KD Estrada on people who think their KDLex love team is just meant for fan service

“Pero, I would say na… Yung akin lang po, ‘REALLY?’ continued KD.

The both of them chuckled.

“Seriously? I’m at her place almost all the time. I eat with her family—her mom and her dad… I don’t think that’s fan service anymore.”

Alexa then quipped, “Self-service na yon!”

“If you, guys, think this is fan service, ewan ko na!”

“We really can’t please everyone,” Alexa highlighted. “And that’s part of the job. It comes with it talaga. So, wala lang! Okay! E di wow!”

CinemaBravo: With projects here and there, what do you love the most about how your career is thriving so far?

Alexa shared with us how much she loved the idea that it doesn’t really feel like work.

“What I love most that it doesn’t really feel like work, honestly. It’s so fun. Every day is like a new day where we can just enjoy and see each other… have fun while we get to do what we love the most. It’s honestly a double win!”

As for KD, what he loves the most is that he’s doing what he loves to do.

“This is my passion. I love making music. I love the arts: acting, singing, maybe dancing [laughs]—that’s a ‘maybe’ pa po.”

CinemaBravo: In contrast, is there anything you dislike about all the attention you get both from supporters and bashers?

Alexa: “What I don’t like the most: yung mga fan war. Yung pag nag-aaway sila. Although… I’m always really touched kasi grabe nila kami ipaglaban, grabe nila kami ipagtanggol. Minsan naman talaga yung mga nang-aaway, yung mga basher, hindi ko alam kung may utak ba o wala—basta, parang gano’n!

“I do appreciate it pero siyempre I would rather na walang away. Sino ba naman po ang may gusto ng may away o may gulo, di ba? I think that’s what stresses me, personally… Kasi alam ko, nahu-hurt din yung fans—Actually, more than me e! Ako kasi, naha-handle ko pa e. Pero alam ko na kahit pinaglalaban nila kami, nasasaktan din sila. Kasi siyempre, para silang shield namin e. They absorb everything. Sila yung sumasangga sa lahat. Sila yung tumatanggap sa lahat. Lalo na because we don’t fight back naman as much as we’d like to. Of course, for their well-being din, I just wish na wala na lang sanang fan wars, kasi wala naman talagang naa-achieve yon.”

KD: “Pinakaayaw ko talaga is when… Ayoko talagang bina-bash ‘to.” He then pointed to Alexa and she blushed. “That’s what I hate talaga. When someone goes against her, “okay, I’m fighting you.” I know na wag na lang patulan pero minsan sumosobra na po. When an issue comes up or if it’s sobra na talaga or nakikita ko that it’s harming Lex talaga, it’s not good for Lex’s well-being, it’s like “okay, let’s go!”

On KDLex’s digital concert

Alexa described “Closer” as raw like a jamming session. “We will be singing songs we made inside the PBB house, songs we know our sweethearts love so much,” she said. We want our concert to be as raw as possible because people learned to love us through a reality show where they saw who we really are. We want to continue that and make the show super comfortable, laidback, like a really cool acoustic session.”

Aside from their exciting musical performances, KD promised that the exclusive event that will be held on the day of Alexa’s birthday will be filled with lots of fun. “There are gonna be some surprises,” he teased.

Robi Domingo will host the fancon, which will be joined by KDLex’s former housemate, Shanaia Gomez, as a special guest.

Regular tickets to “Closer” are still up for grabs on for only P199 while SVIP and VIP tickets were sold out an hour after they were released. The event is also available on SKY Pay-Per-View.

Last Friday, KD and Alexa collaborated on not just one but two music releases—“Misteryo” and “When I See You Again,” under ABS-CBN’s Star Pop label.  Alexa composed “Misteryo” with additional lyrics from Eunice Jorge, who arranged and produced the song. KD and Alexa meanwhile composed “When I See You Again,” which was produced by ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo.

Get closer with KD and Alexa in “Closer: KDLex FanCon” this Saturday (February 26) at 8 pm via KTX or SKY Pay-Per-View.  For updates, follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, or visit

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