Inspiring Filipino dads star in NET25’s ‘Bida Kayo kay Aga’

Filipinos all over the world are known for their inspiring stories of bayanihan — something that is very common in the Philippines. This is the foundation of NET25’s latest offering, ‘Bida Kayo kay Aga,‘ hosted by the timeless heartthrob and actor Aga Muhlach. It premieres on March 26, Saturday at 7:00 PM, right after Responde.

‘Bida Kayo kay Aga’ aims to feature the stories of different types of fathers.

OOHD or Out-of-Home-Daddies are those who take the responsibility of being a father while still enjoying outdoor activities such as biking, surfing, hiking, etc.

Daddy D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) is the kind of daddy you can depend on in terms of household errands and repairs. Do-it-yourself daddies are reliable as your home’s own carpenter, plumber, painter, and the likes.

Daddy Foodie are those responsibility for the everyday meal of the whole family, giving every dish their own dash of love.

DAD’s Entertainment will give the spotlight to the wide variety of hobbies of fathers out there. From the collection of pop culture items to being a plantito—there’s just so many aspects to feature when it comes to what daddies are interested on.

Digital Dads or “dadfluencers” are those fathers who are social media savvy and have the most entertaining posts online.

Aga Muhlach during the show’s virtual media conference.

Aga’s new show aside from the ongoing weekly game show ‘Tara, Game, Agad-Agad’ will also feature a lineup of Bida.

BIDA BOSS are those who had a meaningful ride to success — coming from a humble beginning.

BIDA SA LIFE are those daddies who made the most out of life’s opportunities to achieve their own successes.

BIDA BEST will highlight the inspiring acts of kindness or love of fathers from all walks of life.

These featured fathers are in for a treat as they get to meet Aga Muhlach himself.

The featured dads are in for a surprise as they will get to meet Aga Muhlach.

“Kayo ang hero talaga, saludo ako sa inyo,” Aga addressed to our modern heroic fathers. “Gusto ko silang makausap. Sa hirap ng dinadaanan mo sa buhay, ano ang nasa puso mo para tumulong pa rin sa tao?”

Don’t miss ‘Bida Kayo Kay Aga’ on the following platforms: Net25 TV, Net25 Facebook page, and Youtube channel.

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