Claudia collabs anew with rapper Because for ‘Everything’

Claudia Barretto and rapper Because join forces once again through ‘Everything.’ Since Claudia became a Viva Records artist, this is the latest single to come with a modern pop track and healthy heaping of R&B as well as rap.

Listen to Claudia and Because’s latest track ‘Everything’ below.

During their virtual press conference, the two artists shared their excitement over the release of their latest collaboration. They got to work with each other during Viva Live’s digitally streamed music event entitled ‘Arrival.’ Since then, their vibe has been smooth sailing.

One is the most gorgeous face in high-end Pinoy pop. The other is one of the biggest and most prolific Pinoy rap act in the scene today. The former meticulously picks her music projects, the latter is a prolific music artist with several albums under his belt. 

But it can be both agreed on that Claudia and Because is the future of Pinoy pop. 

Only in their 20’s and brimming with talent, Claudia and Because can be relied upon to be tastemakers in their chosen fields of pop. It’s not so far off to say that it is expected of them— at least those who know them, their peers and music label—know that both can come up with the best sounding music they can possibly imagine.  

So it is with excitement that both music acts have broken the ice and collaborated on a new and original track that many hope will be the first of, hopefully many more musical crossovers between the two. 

“When the Arrival was pitched to me, they had introduced me to a number of other talented artists. Because was one of the artists I felt I could easily collaborate with,” said Claudia. 

From there the two hit it off musically resulting in this modern and highly stylized pop track. 

The sound is of course all Claudia, who’s been methodically building a reputation as a modern Pinoy pop tastemaker. Her previous releases have a common denominator – all are steeped in R&B, Lo-fi feels with elements of Hiphop beats, and a moody demeanor to it. Her debut single with Viva Records and its follow up, titled “Nothing To Do” and “Be It,” respectively, are prime examples.

With “Everything,” the whole writing “happened during our first in-person meeting and within one studio session. We wrote and recorded everything during that day.”

And while the new track’s sound and style is all Claudia, she had envisioned the “BMW” hit rap artist from the start, saying, “I consciously did. I’ve always wanted to experiment with a little bit of melodic rap. Because had come up with an original melody that made it easy for me as a singer to translate my singing into that type of melodic rapping.”

Claudia only has high praises for his collaborator. “He is one of the most talented people I’ve met so far and he writes and raps with such ease, it’s so inspiring!”

Expect more Claudia x Because and from other collaborators, as the musical Barretto admits that more is to come in future. “Definitely. We have some things in the works as we speak, (among those are) an Electronic EP, (more) singles, (and) collaborations,” shared Claudia.

Claudia is finishing her studies soon. “I’m really into psychology so this is another interest I would like to develop further,” she reveals. But at the same time, the “Everything” singer “is looking into different creative avenues I can pursue as a career.” 

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