Daisy Reyes maintains her skin’s best friend, Dfyage

Being a public figure means a lot for beauty queen-turned-actress Daisy Reyes. Off the limelight, she also needs to present herself well as a businesswoman. Maintaining her skin is something that she always takes into consideration.

When it comes to protecting her skin, she trusts her best friend Dfyage — a beauty product she has been using since 2018.

Daisy Reyes for Dfyage — Oral Sunblock, Anti-Aging & Whitening

“You see, regular sunscreen lotion easily comes off because of sweat and water, but I’m not too worried because Dfyage protects skin deep. It also gives extra protection for areas that are otherwise uncovered,” Daisy Reyes explained.

“It blurs signs of aging pa. That’s why it’s my ‘skin care in a bottle’ and my official oral sunblock,” she added.

“So, whatever activities you are engaged in under the sun, it is always best to have protection.”

According to Dfyage, here are the reasons why an oral sunblock should be a part of your daily routine.

  • Prevents sunburn and reduces damage already done
  • Helps with dark spots due to sun damage
  • Brightens acne marks & uneven dark skin
  • Can help cure melasma and vitiligo
  • Works great in outdoors

Dfyage Oral Sunblock+ comes in a bottle with 60 capsules (750mg) for only ₱1,995 at Mercury Drug branches nationwide. You may also visit our website for more details at dfyageofficial.com.

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