Welcome to the entertainment industry, Sofi Fermazi!

There’s a new talent to watch out for in the entertainment scene by the name of Sofi Fermazi — a professional singer and budding actress who is making an indelible mark with her own rendition of popular songs over Youtube.

Included in her long list of covers of hits from international and local artists are that of Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri, Coldplay, Adele, Justine Bieber, Moira Dela Torre, Ben and Ben, Zack Tabudlo, Kitchie Nadal, Yeng Constantino, and more.

Sofi will be launching her album soon entitled “Rain Inside Us” to be released by Star Music. She has three songs in the said album, by which she will collaborate with various artists from ABS-CBN.

The 17-year old singer who hails from Las Piñas City, will also be part of “Fun Nights Only,” a Kumu entertainment show streamed every Saturday night. She considers Sarah Geronimo as her ultimate idol.

Recently, the young lady did a solo production number at the 2022 Asia Pacific Luminare Awards (for celebrity awardees), held at Okada Manila.

During the Presidential Campaign season, Sofi also sang the Tagalog version of “Hero” by Bonnie Tyler, a jingle song of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno who went viral online.

The following are the numerous local and international songs that have already been recorded by Sofi Fermazi:

  • “Your Love” (Alamid)
  • “Photograph” (Ed Sheraan)
  • “Same Ground” (Kitchie Nadal)
  • “Make It With You” (Ben & Ben)
  • “One Day” (Matisyahu)
  • “Ikaw Lang” (Nobita)
  • “Leaves” (Ben & Ben)
  • “Binibini” (Zach Tabudlo)
  • “Easy On Me” (Adele)
  • “Hindi Tayo Pwede” (The Juans)
  • “Dejavu” (Olivia Rodrigo)
  • “Lagi” (Skusta Clee)
  • “A Thousands Years” (Christina Perri)
  • “Peaches” (Justin Bieber)
  • “Paubaya” (Moira Dela Torre)
  • “My Universe” (Coldplay, BTS)
  • “Pagsamo” (Arthur Nery)
  • “Lagi” (Skusta Clee)
  • “Dance Monkey” (Tones & I)
  • “My Life Is Going On” (Cecilia Krull)
  • “Sweetloving” (Sofi Fermazi)
  • “Pretty Savage” (BlackPink)
  • “Kazino” (BIBI)
  • “Paraluman” (Adie)
  • “Stuck With You” (Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber)
  • “Polaroid Love” (ENHYPEN)
  • “Shape On You” (Ed Sheeran)
  • “Heal The World” by Michael Jackson
  • “Buwan” by JK Labajo
  • “Ikaw” by Yeng Constantino

Sofi Fermazi is just one of the new pool of artists of MPJ Entertainment of filmmaker, producer, and actor Perry Escaño. For inquiries, please email mpjproductionsnetwork@gmail.com.


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