Review: ‘Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask’ kicks off with fun, spark, chemistry

We got to watch the first episode of Puregold Channel’s newest digital series ‘Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask’ ahead of its anticipated release on June 11 on their Youtube account.

Other than the very idea of highlighting someone’s beauty underneath a timely garment into the pandemic, what’s interesting about this series is how it upheld itself after the shocking controversy behind the first actor who previously played the male lead role. Puregold, through the aid of the minds behind the project, was quick to take action on giving the role to an exceptional actor, who appeared to be undaunted despite what he’s taking over. They reshot the scenes with their new male lead and the end result was evidently seamless.

In the series, TV and online personality Herlene Budol — who gained tremendous popularity after joining the now-defunct variety show, Wowowin, which she eventually co-hosted — takes on her first-ever starring role in a series. She plays Malta, the romantic interest of TV heartthrob and lead actor Joseph Marco (Sieg), whose physique and personality match his character as the serious-looking but love-filled debonair gentleman.

Their chemistry is exceptional as the spark between these two actors oozes during the half-hour pilot of the show. The kilig factor promised by the trailer is there all throughout.

It’s also nice to see Mickey Ferriols taking in a comedic role as Madam Baby, the mother of Malta. It’s something that she’s really passionate about and it clearly shows in how she delivered.

Aside from them, the romcom series is also made more fun with the inclusion of the characters played by Kiray Celis, VJ Mendoza, and Hasna Cabral, who all play the role of Malta’s co-workers and friends in the cafe where she works.

The first episode of the series introduces us to Herlene Budol’s character, Malta. Malta has not been lucky in love because she sees herself as a “hipon”—or someone blessed with a shapely figure but a plain and homely face, something that the sweet and kind Malta is able to conceal under her facemask.

Malta works to support her mother, Madam Baby, played by Mickey Ferriols, a struggling vlogger and owner of a sari-sari store. A scene later shows that the bills are piling up and Malta decides to help make ends meet for her family. Meanwhile, viewers are introduced to Sieg, Joseph Marco’s character. Sieg is hurting from the end of another relationship, and is nursing a broken heart.

What will happen when Malta and Sieg first meet? How can Malta help support her mother in these difficult times? Can Sieg move past the pain of heartbreak? What’s in store for the duo will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask”.

Introducing the characters and posing an engaging story to watch out for, the first episode of ‘Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask’ marks a good start for a romantic comedy series we all deserve to see during a time we need laughter and kilig all the more.

Get your weekly dose of online romcom through this new series of Puregold. ‘Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask’ premieres this June 11 with new episode dropping every Saturday at 7 PM.

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