CEO postpones wedding, allots budget to aid employees during pandemic

The pandemic has moved a lot of lives and several businesses were affected. There are those that had to put a halt to their operations, while there are those that continue to struggle. Who would have thought that even in the darkest days, there are still kind people who would set aside their plans to help those who are in need? Just like the story of Jeff Geronimo, a beauty and wellness brand founder and CEO.

Jeff, and his wife now, Trish, were originally set to get married on March 18, 2020 but then the pandemic happened. They decided to postpone their wedding and see when things could get better.

Jeff’s business, like any other business at the time, went through a lot.

“Looking back, when the surge came, sales were starting to go not-so-good. It went to the point that our passbook for the business account reached the negative figures. Raw materials were getting harder to find because of the trouble with importation of goods. Almost all of our suppliers struggled greatly in this pandemic,” he shared.

Jeff also said that he had good, industrious, and helpful people and he couldn’t let them down especially during a worldwide health crisis. So what he did was to use his personal savings that is meant for their church wedding and for the construction of their house.

“In short, aside from our wedding being postponed, even our future home was put on hold. What motivated me to do this was my team. We even added more employees before COVID-19 came,” he said. 

Unlike other employers that had to close their business during the pandemic, Jeff made sure that his employees were kept well and safe. “Their welfare is more important than the material things I dreamt of. And once I was able to establish keeping them, I spent the remaining of my savings in producing Aqua Skin products. It was as if we were all starting from scratch all over again.”

With the challenge of the recent times, Jeff was able to see the dedication, loyalty and trust of everyone from his team and how they pursued to make Aqua Skin work.  He excited said, “Up until now, our team is complete—growing in fact! I am utterly grateful for these individuals for putting so much of their heart and soul in Aqua Skin. And whenever I look back at the ordeal we’ve been through and I can never express the pride I have in them.”

Jeff related that all the success of Aqua Skin is the fruit of love, trust, and hard work of everyone from his team. “Success never comes pouring instantly, it needs to take its time and flourish.”

“The moment you stop working, you lose twice of what was already made in your craft. It’s okay to pause and to recollect, but never stop thriving if you want to be successful in business,” Jeff shared this secret to a successful business.

“Actually, the pandemic became our motivation to move forward. It works to focus on the solutions rather than the problem. Be proactive, as the say. That’s the best takeaway we can ever give anyone. Giving up is never an option, there will always be solutions coming your way. You just need to trust the process.”

The journey of Aqua Skin is indeed beyond memorable because of Jeff’s inspiring story.


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