Nobita fans flock to Baguio-based band Cup of Joe

The Baguio-based band Cup of Joe is getting the attention they deserve as Nobita fans are discovering them with their thumbs up.

In fact, Cup of Joe is getting millions of streams on Spotify, partly thanks to the fans of indie band Nobita.

The unlikely push from the former’s fans was a result of a recent issue Nobita had. The band have since countered and cleared with an official statement.

Nevertheless Cup of Joe is enjoying the push.  

The band is currently sitting on top of Spotify’s “Pinoy Indie Mix” with their song “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Pipiliin Ko.” Another track, titled “Mananatili” is also in the Top 10 of said popular playlist.

The band saw an uptick of streams on the popular streaming service after their label refurbished a previously released single with a new lyric video for “Estranghero.”

Since then “Estranghero” also cracked into Spotify’s Viral Hits Philippines playlist and OPM Rising playlists Top 10.

Cup Of Joe includes vocalists Gian Bernardino and Raphaell Ridao, keyboardist Xen Gareza, lead guitarist Gab Fernandez, bassist Raphael “Seve” Severino and guitarist CJ Fernandez.

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