Award-winning pandemic star Jhassy now a brand endorser

Reaping what she sows, this talented young lady, who goes with a simple yet interesting name Jhassy, marks yet another achievement as she becomes a brand endorser for the first time.

Tagged by media colleagues as a pandemic actress because of her emergence and blossoming during such season despite all the government restrictions and movement limitations, Jhassy Busran continues to beat herself competitively as she pushes herself to become more and more a body of pride.

She was recently introduced through a pocket press conference during her contract signing for Winkle Tea & Winkle Donut Trading Corp, a promising tea and donut chain that offers one-of-a-kind products. For one, it has a variety of milk tea that includes glutathione and collagen. For its lineup of donuts, it offers a healthy option that uses stevia as its sweetener.

Winkle Tea & Winkle Donut is owned by its President and Chairman Whinie Marata. Its current branches are located at Ayala Malls Feliz, Ayala Malls the 30th, and The Globe Tower in BGC. For inquiries and franchise opportunities, contact them at 09955514380.

Check out these photos from her launch as the brand ambassador of Winkle Tea & Winkle Donut:

Jhassy’s mother, Mhae Cruz Busran, on her latest social media post fondly retraced the roots of her multi-talented daughter. She recalled that it was in August 2019 when Jhassy decided to attend an acting workshop — “expecting nothing to happen [but] to gain friends and develop [self-confidence].”

True enough, that action led to Jhassy’s array of projects. At the age of 15, she received her first-ever acting award through the Gabby Ramos’ short film “Pugon,” which competed internationally. She was awarded the Jury Award Best of the Best Performance Short Film (Male or Female) at the 2021 International Film Festival Manhattan New York.

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Watch out for Jhassy’s upcoming film, “Home I Found in You,” which is another first for her since this is her first lead role in a full-length film. She stars opposite Heindrick Sitjar, who is one-half of #JhasDrick love team.

See more of Jhassy in her forthcoming projects for Winkle Tea & Winkle Donut as Ms. Whinie Marata is sure to take care of her latest endorser.

Here are more photos from the fun-filled contract signing and pocket press conference for Jhassy and Winkle Tea & Winkle Donut.


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