AJ Raval & Jeric Raval and more star in ‘Pinoy Ghost Tales’ horror trilogy

There’s an upcoming horror trilogy film that will tackle stories that are not meant to be told. Aptly titled “Pinoy Ghost Tales,” this new film will feature spine-chilling stories written by Lawrence Nicodemus. The three stories will respectively be helmed by Afi Africa, Jojo Nadela, and John Isaac Natividad under LGM Grand Entertainment and LMK Productions.

Check out these snaps from their media conference held yesterday, December 9, at HidN Lounge in Sct. Rallos, Quezon City.

Pinoy Ghost Tales: The Imaginary Friend

The Imaginary Friend stars Shermaine Santiago, Arkin Del Rosario, Elia Ilano, and Richard Quan.

It is about a kid who forms a bond with an unknown entity. Little by little, her whole family starts feeling the presence of her imaginary friend that disturbs their harmony. 

Pinoy Ghost Tales: The Manager

Starring Aubrey Caraan, Katrice Keirulf, Veronica Reyes, and Ping Medina, The Manager tells the story of a newly-promoted manager of an advertising company. As she assumes her new role, it seems that the previous manager, who mysteriously disappeared, won’t give up the position. 

Pinoy Ghost Tales: The Actress

The Actress tackles the tale of a newbie prod house that is shooting for a horror movie. However, they experience a real life terror when a ghost haunts them in the middle of their production. 

Starring Jeric Raval, Rob Sy, DJ Durano, and AJ Raval.

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