Do you think David Chua is a legit ladies’ man?

Over the recent years, actor-director David Chua has been more of a mystery in the world of showbiz. He is usually depicted and described as low-key and misunderstood. But there is more to this talented guy than meets the eyes. One could ask: is he is a legit ladies’ man?

This hunky chinito actor started his showbiz career with ABS-CBN. He instantly landed plum roles and garnered acting awards. Back in 2020, he played a pivotal role in the Kapamilya teleserye Love Thy Woman.

Just last year, he also had a memorable role in the first installment of the TV series version of Mano Po over GMA Network entitled Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune.

For some netizens, his name might ring a bell because of his frequent romantic dalliances. Some of his alleged love affairs involve beauty queens, actresses, and high-profile entrepreneurs.

Just last November, news of David’s concert sighting with a dramatic actress triggered a loud buzz, compared to his low-profile relationship with a longtime girlfriend of years, also a beauty queen turned actress, and a special friendship, more recently, with yet another beauty queen turned actress.

But to his credit, David, who has been dubbed showbiz’s latest oppa, takes it all in stride.

“I never understood why people think I have love relationships left and right,” he confesses.

“It’s not a mortal sin to be friends with these women… I’m young, I’m at my prime, life has so much to offer. I think I know how to treat women with the respect they deserve, and I can only hope they agree, haha! So far so, so good!”

While his quiet demeanor might make people think he’s snobbish or reclusive, most of David’s close friends in the industry, whether in front of or behind the camera, all attest to his professionalism.

It’s his perfectionist nature and attention to detail that has earned him plaudits as one of the directors for Korina Sanchez’s long-running magazine talk show, Rated Korina. It’s also key to the success of David’s very own production outfit, Dark Carnival Productions, which has already earned its share of loyal clientele both in the showbiz and advertising industries.

“Good clean fun yang si David, he’s a sweetheart, very helpful and cooperative,” says ALV Talent Circuit boss Arnold Vegafria of his talent.

If there’s any truth to his ladies’ man image, perhaps it could only be for his latest role in Good Will, his new weekly sitcom for TV network NET25.

In the feel-good comedy series, David plays Lloyd Patawad, the rich, rebellious wayward son hellbent on chasing his rock-star dreams. Like most youngsters, he feels entitled and gets away with everything—well, almost—including his tangled and sordid affairs.

But his bad boy image is bound to get a makeover once he learns that he’s destined to inherit his mom’s sizeable fortune—including a resort, aptly named Good Will—-BUT with conditions from his mother!

As it turns out, he only gets inheritance from his mom’s will only and unless he completes a set of challenges which test his mettle and fortitude, and which eventually transform his life for the better.

Directed by Ian Loreños, Good Will also stars award-winning actors Raymond Bagatsing and love interest Devon Seron, renowned comedians Smokey Manaloto, Kat Galang, Ryan Rems and James Caraan, with special appearances by Marina Benipayo.

Produced by ALV Productions and Viktory 8 Media Inc., Good Will premieres on NET25 on January 22, this Sunday at 4:00-5:00pm, right before the show Korina Interviews.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. And with Good Will, it’s laughter, kilig feels and good vibes all the way! [Press Release]

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