David Chua, Devon Seron, spotted getting cozy in Boracay

Celebrities David Chua and Devon Seron, who are co-stars in the ongoing NET25 sitcom “Good Will,” were spotted getting cozy in Boracay last weekend. Netizens were also quick to confirm that the two celebrities were together as seen in social media posts.

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Were they on a quick weekend getaway or on a showbiz assignment? Apparently, they had another companion with them, but nevertheless had a lot of ‘couple time.’

Unmindful of the public attention, the couple, officially christened “ChuRon” by witty netizens, gamely posed for selfies with fans, or just stopped in their tracks for a quick chat.

Someone remarked, “Ang cute nilang tignan na magkasama, bagay na bagay,” and even tagged the two on her Instagram post.

Another one posted, “Hi po! Kinilig tuloy ako sa inyong dalawa hehehe bagay po,” with matching smiley heart emoji.

Yet another observer asked, “Sila ba yung sa GoodWill?”

Sources claim that the two even toured the island aboard a chopper.

But wait: Isn’t this the same David Chua who was recently linked to Cristine Reyes when they were spotted at a LANY concert sometime November last year? Is he living up to his ‘elusive bachelor’ and ‘ladies man’ reputation to the hilt?

For her part, Devon has earned her fans’ respect for her wholesome image, and for always keeping her personal life private. Apart from her last relationship with a showbiz guy which ended in 2021, she hasn’t been linked to anyone—until now.

This much is true: David and Devon are supposed to play a loveteam in their recently launched Net25 sitcom called Good Will, where they co-star with Raymond Bagatsing, along with comedians Smokey Manaloto, Kat Galang, Ryan Rems and James Caraan.

So, what’s the real score with ChuRon? Let’s wait and see.

After all, if there’s a will, there’s a way—especially if it’s a Good Will!


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