SV Squad features Andrea Brillantes, Ricci Rivero, Kylie Verzosa in new MV

Up-and-coming boy group SV Squad has just released a new song entitled “Sayang Tayo,” together with a music video that aptly features the stages of love and grief through their EP “Dear SV.”

Watch the music video of “Sayang Tayo,” featuring real-life lovers Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero, with Kylie Verzosa, below.

SV Squad is an up and coming generation of young, fresh group of individuals who have been making waves on their own, producing tracks here and there. These individual talents were drawn into a singular, collective hip-hop / P-pop force.

With this in mind, SV3 collaborated with hiphop/rnb artist Mstryo and Music Producer Allegra to create a group together with JSE, Jake P and Kxle. They are influencers and hitmakers with millions of followers in their respective accounts.

Headed by Sam “SV3” Verzosa III, an architecture graduate and a businessman who owns a production agency, production rental services, importation, distribution, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and a clothing line. He is also the younger brother of Congressman Sam “SV” Verzosa.

Like his brother SV who helps in various charities, SV3’s love and appreciation for local music and art has honed a way for him to give back to the society by being very supportive of the local music scene and providing opportunities to these special young breed of talents so that they can make a break on their own.

In return, he hopes that his support and initiative will eventually help him as well in expanding his vision of uplifting the mindset and showcasing the Pinoy Music and Fashion industry to a whole new level.

SV Squad has been making waves in the music industry since 2022. SV Squad has also collaborated with the likes of Miss Universe Philippines. Their latest music video collab, “Talk To Me Nice” just hit 3.4 million, “Nasasanay Na Ako” with 7.7 million views, and “Tito Tita” with 5.2 million views on YouTube.

This month, in time for the Love month, SV Squad is at it again with their latest song “SAYANG TAYO”. The music video is already out on their official YouTube account which features real life couple actress Andrea Brillantes and basketball player Ricci Rivero.

With this ongoing, SV Squad remain unstoppable in all their creative endeavors. SV3, even while being busy propelling his own business empire to the forefront of local marketing. His clothing line, SV Merch is making a name in the field of fashion as well.

“We’ve been meaning to release more music with the goal of promoting good vibes and continuing to inspire individuals to explore their own passion.” Verzosa mentioned.

That can only attest to the unstoppable velocity of this fast-rising artist, businessman. As he said: “Aside from business, my heart also really lies in music and fashion. I also want to uplift those around me, especially young artists with potential. I was also a young one, dreaming of achieving something big and there’s no better way to make that young kid proud than to give opportunities and provide platforms to others.”

Drop by drop, SV Squad is leaving their mark, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s next for them. The streets are watching out for their next moves. Sayang Tayo (Dear SV) by SV Squad and Kahit Saglit Teaser (Dear SV) is out now on YT.


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