David Chua, Devon Seron nod to iconic ‘Goblin’ scene in NET25’s ‘Good Will’

From Pinoy serye to K-drama? That’s how avid viewers of latest comedy series, Good Will, are expected to react over the upcoming episode of the weekly show on NET25. Be sure to catch how its lead characters Lloyd Patawad (played by David Chua) and Sarah (Devon Seron) recreate a memorable scene from the hit K-drama Goblin. It can be recalled that this phenomenal series from South Korea back in 2016 catapulted Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun and Lee Dong-wook to superstardom.

This recreation of the iconic Goblin scene is an idea of David himself. In fact, he is a self-confessed #Goblin fan and he has always fancied the idea of having a local remake of the well-loved K-drama for the Filipino audience. See more photos below.

Good Will airs every Sunday on NET25 at 4:00 PM, right before the show Korina Interviews. Produced by ALV Productions, Viktory 8 Media and Dark Carnival Productions, it also stars top comedians Smokey Manaloto, Ryan Rems, James Caraan, and Kat Galang, with the special participation of Marina Benipayo.

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Episode 5 is airing this Sunday

Here’s what’s happening in the 5th episode of Good Will: A pensive Sarah is shown enjoying her afterhours moment of solitude by the resort’s poolside. As she tries to ponder the whereabouts of her lost bracelet—a treasured family heirloom, she claims—part of her is quick to pin the blame on the unsuspecting rockstar wannabe.

Ironically, part of her thinks otherwise, as she loses her sense of logic and reason while daydreaming— this time, with Lloyd as her romantic interest.

The imaginary daydream sequence finds Sarah garbed in a hoodie jacket, face to face with an impeccably dressed Lloyd, looking every inch like a K-pop star. The two cross paths along a narrow passage, with Lloyd stopping in his tracks while giving her a recognizing glance. As she trots along nonchalantly, Lloyd’s face reflects a tinge of sadness and regret.

As Lloyd regains his composure, he shuffles off and eventually vanishes into the night.

David Chua on recreating that iconic Goblin scene

“It was groundbreaking on so many levels,” exclaims the Good Will lead star, who is also a respected director and producer. “I think it set the bar for the other Korean dramas that followed soon after. The plot, the production, and of course, the acting defined a whole new paradigm.”

He continues, “You could say it was just a flight of fancy, and we thought it would serve as a challenge for the team as well. If we could just replicate the look, and I think we did, then it served its purpose.”

“It’s still a big dream that started during the pandemic. I still try to imagine and visualize it. I know it’s just a matter of time before we turn that dream to reality.”

In the meantime, Lloyd Patawad and his cohorts try their darnedest best to find Sarah’s bracelet and catch the culprit dead in his tracks.

Did Atty. Ferrer’s investigative powers give them any sensible clues?

See you this Sunday afternoon for a fun-filled inspirational episode of Good Will.


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